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Rivas' most outstanding craft, the Domino 89'

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Legend has it that in 1842, Pietro Riva set out on a journey from the banks of Lake Como, in Laglio, to Lake Iseo, in Sarnico, to repair some storm damaged boats that had been given up for lost. Faced with this sea of adversities, Pietro got on board his ship of optimism and traveled towards the impossible. And he got there. Thus, this talented young man attracted glances as a nauticalmiracle worker, but he decided to go even further: in addition to refurbishing, he resolved to invent ships that no other human being had ever imagined. It was only a matter of time before the Riva Yachts enterprise was officially recognized. In the 1880s, Ernesto Riva, one of his heirs, took over the shipyard, keeping its manufacturing tradition and incorporating into its ships the innovative piston engines. Years later, it was Serafino Riva’s turn to take the helm and launch the company to the incipient racing yacht scene. It is easy to conjure up the image of Serafino standing on the deck of his ship, which achieved 24 km/h in 1912. Almost a hundred years later, the yacht he had dreamt of became the most outstanding craft built by the shipyard. Lying on the calm waters of St. Tropez, the Riva Domino awaits her official presentation, where guests will be offered cocktails, champagne and a trip to enjoy an unforgettable experience. As the mooring ropes are cast off, the metallic-ice colored hull will blend with the futuristic scene folded by the sea and snow capped mountains. This will certainly be a brave and anachronistic launching that challenges times of economic recession.

RivaDesignThe sports design of this 26-meter yacht has evolved from its preceding models, the 63 Vertigo and 68 Ego. Intended for long cruises and daytime trips, the Domino has numerous recreation areas, both in the bow and the stern, as well as in the bridge. This pleasurable triangle-shaped yacht looks haughty, with her white and infinite mats, before the astonished stare of navigators who admire her glory. A combination of elements makes up the perfect balance between privacy and suggestion. This Italian synthesis has taken into account every single detail, including a second and elevated helm station, designed to carry out maneuvers in the company of anonymous guests resting on a three-seater sofa. But these outdoor miracles are far from over. Several glazed windows connect the closed, air-conditioned upper salon with the exterior, thus providing a fully-lit area. This results in a bright architectural design that continues the hull surfaces as a symbol of coherence. Uncertainties surrounding this yacht’s excellence are resolved in the face of these magnificent facilities, with furniture gleaming thanks to the elm wood quality, the gray lacquer and the natural colored wool inserts. The entire ship is just a prelude to the master cabin, which includes a walk-in wardrobe and a private living-room. This design is completed by the guest and crew cabins, which can accommodate 20 passengers who will definitely look forward to traveling on this unbeatable and fast ship named Riva Domino.