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Vicem Yachts Signs with Two More Top Yacht Interior Designers

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Vicem Yachts is expanding its horizons beyond mahogany into high-tech composite construction withthree new sleek, fast super yachts of 46, 35 and 32 mt: the Vulcan Line. For these mega-yachts theTurkish yard signs two additional agreements with Wetzels Brown & Partners and Ken Freivokh. TheWetzels Brown Dutch design team will be involved in the interior design of the Vulcan 32 mt RPH. The UKbased Freivokh team will develop the 35 mt Tri-Deck interior design works. Art-Line has been involvedwith the 46 meter yacht since its inception.

“We want a reputation as a builder of light, beautiful and fast hulls” says Sebahattin Hafizoglu,Vicem Yachts Founder - Chairman of the Board of Directors – “Vicem is entering the super-yachtsegment with serious ambitions and with no compromise/highest quality building materials and technologies that compares favorably to Northern Europe Shipyards.” The super-yacht Vulcan Line canalready count on Naval Architect Frank Mulder for hulls and exteriors and noted interior designs firmArt-Line. “On boats of this size, with such high expectations of performance, the choice of the ‘right’naval architect and top class interior designers is essential to the success of the Vulcan line. All theseyachts will be launched between 2011 and 2012”. Ultimately for Mr Hafizoglu in an industry that isclosely dependent on meticulous hands-on labour, Turkish builders provide a tangible advantage. “People are fed up with the variations in quality of the Far East and labour rates in the EU and North Americaare sky high” he claims, going on to say that “Turkish shipyards will only get better, marrying highquality design, building and engineering with affordability”.


About ALL Vicem Yachts Partners

Ken Freivokh Design (interiors designer Vulcan 35 mt Tri-Deck): Freivokh and his team are a group ofmultidisciplinary professionals worldwide renewed for their “out of the box” solutions. In the last decadethey have gained top international awards with legendary boats such as The Maltese Falcon. The company is currently working on several projects from 55 up to 127 metres.

Wetzels Brown & Partners (interiors designer Vulcan 32 mt RPH): Amsterdam based - is the creativepartnership between interior designer Gillian Brown and Architect Rob Wetzels. With a very dynamic teamdevelops contemporary and timeless designs tailored made on client’s requirements. Layout, materials,colours, lighting, audio-visual, tableware, bed linen, accessories are all blended into one unique experience Functionality, flexibility, beauty and attention to details define their approach to marine design.

Mulder Design (naval architecture Vulcan Line 46, 35 and 32 mt). Frank Mulder founded Mulder Design in1979. Based in Benschop, The Netherlands, this independent company is specialized in the design andengineering of luxury motor yachts. Through designs like Octopussy, Moonraker and The World Is NotEnough to name a few, Mulder Design has established a reputation as high-speed yacht designers. Equallyimportant are the numerous semi-displacement and displacement luxury yachts that have been developed. Mulder Design pursues the principle that a custom-designed yacht has to be a reflection of the owner’spersonality and lifestyle. To achieve this, the owner is encouraged to be involved in the design process,resulting in a ‘Mulder Design’ with a personal touch.

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