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Vendée Globe, day 75 - Dick on a crossroad, Di Benedetto licking his wounds!

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Yesterday Jean-Pierre Dick was victim of serious damages, the kind you usually don't get over. Nevertheless today, he is still in the race and keeps the doubt, confronted, to a Cornelian choice.
Jean-Pierre Dick
...not the nicest of all sights...I lost my keel, it's been now 24 hours. So the boat's like a bar of soap. We could capsize at any moment. So I either go on to les Sables d'Olonne handling the boat extra carefully, paying attention of course to the Atlantic North depression, or give up my third place here in the Azores. I have two days... not an easy decision, I can tell you!


While Jean-Pierre Dick wonders about what to do, François Gabart has no further questions.


François Gabart 
So here's a nice Sunset! The Spinnaker's not out yet, but should be soon, in the next hour? Knock on wood for the moment.. Wind's still blowin'... there's always air... I'm quite happy with this pretty looking sunset.


The leader rounds the edge of the Azores anticyclone's center following a route beneath the Archipelago of the same name. The MACIF skipper should find a perfect angle to the wind that'll get him to Les Sables d'Olonne, where he is expected on saturday.


To welcome Alessandro Di Benedetto, will require a little more patience. The TEAM PLASTIQUE skipper sailing across Uruguay is licking his wounds.


Alessandro Di Benedetto
Here I'm feeling much better. Things are getting back into place. I'm showing you my best profile, the other is still swollen. For the time being, I'm on painkillers, cream and very little rest. Because on an 60 feet while racing, that's impossible! If you want to move on and here, per example, I'm speeding& a bit like François Gabart, at 16 knots average. There, makes me laugh. Hurts my ribs so I'm gonna stop saying foolish things.


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