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Vendée Globe, day 74 - Dick loses his keel!

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So long the arrival line hasn't been crossed, everything can happen.

A saying Jean-Pierre Dick sadly verified last night.. Shorty after midnight, his boat lost his keel and he many illusions.


Jean-Pierre Dick


The boat layed in the water. In a fraction of a second I understood the keel had given in, along with a loud noise. I was able to access quickly the main sail's winch. The boat quickly keeled over in a luff. It's sad to lose a keel at this stage of the race.What choice? I don't know yet. We'll see what happens... if I remain in the race or not. That's it for the moment, I have lots of ballasts full on the boat both upwind and leeward. But the boat's still going... 11, 12 knots... I'm expecting a little lift and wind to route towards the Azores, to start with.

As we speak, Jean-Pierre Dick is at approximately 1000 miles of the Azores and hasn't signified his abandon. Will this damage cool down his ardours? 

Those of Armel Le Cleac'h, who must solve a difficult equation: catch up on the leader and preserve his boat.


Armel Le Cleac'h


It isn't an easy equation that's for sure! The end is near but we haven't arrived yet and we're about to get viril conditions in the next days. So, mistakes can be made on maneuvers because of the speed, downwind. It's gonna speed up, that's obvious, but for everyone the arrival is a victory. After that we'll think of the final ranking. I'll be on the lookout in the coming days.


Still in the South Atlantic Jean Le Cam now has enjoyable navigating conditions. An opportunity for him to present to us these famous hydro-generators.


Jean Le Cam

So the hydro-generators... in fact, there are two rudders with a propeller at their end. That produces energy. Here is the port side generator that's lifted off along with the rudder. So he's at rest so to speak, whereas our starboard hydro-generator is in full use, producing maximum energy.

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