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Vendée Globe, day 73 - The West Wind is finally coming!

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This is no longer a Royal Way, but rather to llyl Imperial Highway, which continues its fantastic ride to Les Sables d'Olonne.

Benefiting today from severe depression, the leader will leave all his pursuers to several hours or even several days! Overwhelming domination plunging his pursuers in the sense of utter helplessness, especially in the western group yet rich in very good specialists Virtual Regatta, which must now resolve to lower the flag.


Among these skippers West Nicopipo found that regrets not his choice: "Like many, I considered qu'enrouler the Azores by the West was the path of least risky. The choice to be taken very soon, the road decided by having a very visible part of the reality weather to come. "A decision that should actually be taken from Cape Horn, which explains the respective positions of each day. "Yes, my position in the East West Group is the result of the route in the South Atlantic to the output of a Horn complicated. It turns out in the end that the shortest route is apparently the best, at least for the first. "

No illusion but no bitterness therefore Nicopipo who "hopes to get sustained winds within 24 hours and keep them until the finish, and continues: Personally, I've never really been at the forefront and if I happens to get into the 100, the choice of the West has not been that bad. Today, finally, I have more fun to race with my immediate neighbors and I will be very happy if I could among the first Ouestiens! '

And while the group Nicopipo just beginning to reach stronger winds, it was a close fight for the places of honor in the wake of llyl between contact 1, Passoucasse, Haliz, Yannos Timovan or galopin17 LR, to mention that them!


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