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Vendée Globe, day 73 - Di Benedetto tested in Cape Horn, Le Cleac'h on the look out!

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Who said the Cape Horn was synonymous of freedom? Certainly not Alessandro Di Benedetto who, for the last couple of days in the Atlantic South, collects worries: a climb of the mast, a spinnaker in the water, the boat that lies and, to top it all, a broken rib for the Italian.

Tanguy De La Motte sympathizes.

Tanguy De La Motte
Hi Alessandro! Things are getting better here. There's sunshine and it's worth it! Good luck! I have a thought for you, I'm not far. Anyway we'll be in Les Sables d'Olonne to welcome you! Alright, be strong my friend!


More up North off Brazil, Dominique Wavre and Jean Le Cam confess unattractive conditions. Between Rough sea, fishing boats and oil platforms...


Dominique Wavre
An extremely hard going night. 20 knots winds... shaken... with rain... choppy sea with nine feet aggressive troughs... Anyway that's it! A little similar as yesterday and the day before. I was able to sleep half an hour this morning. I couldn't sleep at all during the night...


Jean Le Cam
The warrant officer "I like it when it hurts" sent us four days, four days of Hell. He forced us to sail towards Rio... alongside the coastlines with impossible currents and sea. Thank you warrant officer "I like when it hurts".. I hope he hasn't more of those surprises in the future.



In the North Atlantic, less than a week away from the arrival, François Gabart and Armel Le Cleac'h are going to face the Azores anticyclone.

Caught between equipment protection and weather forecast analysis, Armel Le Cleac'h racks his brains.


Armel Le Cleac'h
Normally, François started slowing down. Then, he'll catch the winds a little ahead of us. So we'll hope by being more in the West, to gain some pressure for a little longer. The end of the race may be fast, agitated because of the strong leading wind and rolling and tossing sea. Gotta be on the look out not to go off, notably in the Gascogne golf and in Les Sables d'Olonne. I'm not sure upon arrival that people will be motivated to go on the water or to get sick.


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