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Vendée Globe, day 72 - Gabart still in the lead, Boissières at Rio!

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According to any likelihood, next week at the same time, our images should look like something of the kind.

Next sunday The Vendée Globe will know Michel Desjoeaux's successor. In all cases an exceptional skipper who will have closed the tie in less than 80 days and, in doing so, blast the previous winner's 84 days time reference.

Today François Gabart who seems in the better position to succeed to his mentor explains the reasons of such a leap forward.

François Gabart
We go very fast! I think we have great boats with Armel, well prepared and running at their 100% full potential. Plus, rather good weather conditions so... it's always good to be able to go fast. It makes things easier overall, and if I come into contact with Armel in the coming days, I'll be happy to be able to reach those speeds.


While snow was concealing the Vendée Globe's Press headquarters in Paris, a little warmth and mugginess reached us thanks to Arnaud Boissières's intervention.


Arnaud Boissières
I came close to Brazil's cape Frio, next to Rio, a little complicated with the fishermen and the cargos. Even saw fireworks on the coast. I'm now dreaming of a cruise ship to stop in all those places I wasn't able to. That's what I feel like doing!


650 miles is the lateral gap separating Arnaud BOISSIERES, 9th to Javier SANSO 8th, for which the option was to go further out in the open.

Javier Sanso
I made the decision to head out East, to try and catch the winds the soonest. But the Cape Frio's low pressure was very intense and remained longer than expected. It's still there. I paid the toll for moving too far East but luckily it wasn't too bad, I'm still here!


It's a known fact, weekends are used to potter about. Isn't that right Mister Di Benedetto? You who've climbed up your mast and solved your halyard problems?


Alessandro Di Benedetto
I finished putting the two halyards back in place. The mast wind cocks are ok. That's it! This is the boat. It's great! it's really wonderful to see the boat at this angle!


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