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Vendée Globe, day 68 - Gabart has passed the Ecuator, Le Cleac'h catching up!

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Last night, a few hours after having passed the Equator, François Gabart sent these images.Drawn features, a voice not as up and going as the previous days. In short, The leader of the Vendée Globe appears to be worried.


François Gabart
A little sunset upon entering the Pot au Noir. Wind has weakened, it comes in from the back but that's normal. The sea is smooth, weather is nice. When the sun sets I'm bare chested. It's the perfect temperature to enjoy it the most! So, no complaints... it's really great! It may become complicated in the coming hours. The Pot au Noir is never an easy matter. We'll see. For the moment, we're doing our best with what's there.


The Pot au Noir, of course. That's where the MACIF skipper's worries come from. Forced to slow down since he began it's crossing, François Gabart can only see the damages for himself...

275 miles lead on Armel Le Cleac'h two days ago. Only 78 today at 4pm.. So, in the back, it's livening up tremendously!


Armel le Cléac'h

Last night we passed the Equator for the second time, so we're now back in the Northern hemisphere. After about a month and a half in the Southern Hemisphere, we're in the Northern Hemisphere. We drank to it on the way over... Let's drink to it on the way back... it's important! So, a little round for Neptune... one for the boat that brought us here... One for the sailor... ok, it's warm but ok. So that's it! We're a little less than two weeks away from the arrival.


Very much in advance on the time reference at this stage of the race, 5 days less for François Gabart, the duelists aren't done with it, quite yet.


Isabelle Autissier
Everytime, we can't help but be surprised by the pace that's always faster faster... This time, with the duel, they were on the edge. So accordingly this gives tempo to the race but they will end with several days advance on the previous edition four years ago. And again: it's really impressive!
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