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Vendée Globe, day 67 - De Lamotte passes Cape Horn,Thomson reappears!

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Tanguy De Lamotte


Today is the passage of the Cape Horn... yup! We'll be passing it over night... This is my first Cape Horn!

Preceded by Bertrand De Broc by a few hours, Tanguy De Lamotte crossed this morning the famous Cape! Respect!


Tanguy De Lamotte
I became a Cape Horner! Yes, it's incredible

A little over 800 miles behind Tanguy, Alessandro Di Benedetto is therefore the last competitor still to be sailing the Pacific Ocean.


Alessandro Di Benedetto
It's around midnight... An austral night all lit... it's fantastic! Midnight on TEAM PLASTIQUE at less than 3 days... I hope from the Cape Horn!

And looking over the fleet what can be seen? Javier SANSO 7th, slowly breaking away from his two fellow companions of the time.


Arnaud Boissieres
Looking for Mister lost wind! Dominique Wavre is over there!

Dominique Wavre
Here's the anticyclone which is pursuing and attacking us! AKENA and MIRABAUD! And my god... we can say we're heading towards heavy weather... At the moment, it's announced dead winds for several days until we find something along the South American coast-line. 


The other event of the day is Alex Thomson's reappearance. Since he's fixed his hydro generators, the HUGO BOSS skipper can reload his batteries and send us image. Fourth in the ranking so far, the Welsh still believes in his chances.

Alex Thomson
I may be gaining a litle bit of ground on Jean-Pierre Dick gradually. There is a good possibility, with my position at the moment. I'll probably spend a little more to the west in the Pot Black with three other boats... And in theory, it is the West that the crossing is more secure and we can consider doing without being too slow. So there is a little chance to catch miles on them...


Hope... a feeling shared by all who are after the inflexible leader who sails by the name of François Gabart!


Armel Le Cleac'h
Let's hope the weather will turn out nice for the ascent… to catch up on our game mate... That's it... I'm sending you a little sun, a little warmth... Alright! Talk soon! Ciao, ciao!


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