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Vendée Globe, day 66 - Gabart near the Ecuator, Golding reaching Le Cam!

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Jean Le Cam
Sunset in dead winds... South Atlantic ... it's real pretty! Very simply Beautiful! True, we're not going very fast... but hey... There are other pleasures in life ...


Fatalist, Jean Le Cam. Off Uruguay, the SYNERCIEL skipper, in 5th position compensates as he can the little winds. Since the passing of Cape Horn, Mike Golding hasn't ceased making up his delay and at midday he was only 23 miles away from Le Roi Jean. Both sail on the edge of the Anticyclone, the Brit slightly more off East gets more winds!

1800 miles more North, off Brazil's West tip, the gap of about 260 miles between MACIF and BANQUE POPULAIRE has stabilized. On the route to the Equator, François Gabart, who sails under very enjoyable conditions, expects to slow down once passed the imaginary line.


François Gabart
We're coming close to the Equator so it's warmer and warmer 30 degrees... little clouds.. but clear skies at the moment. I should reach the Equator tomorrow by midday, in less than 24 hours. MACIF is in a favorable position because we were the first to get winds in the last days. Here, it's gonna be the other way around. I think as I approach the Pot au Noir, Armel will catch up a little. And then when we're on the other side, we'll see! 


That's right! It's also what Armel Le Cleac'h (with a blade between his teeth) must be telling himself. At the moment, and it's well understood, he can't really control his destiny.


Armel Le Cleac'h
We're all out to catch up on François. Of course, we need opportunities, at the moment it isn't exactly the case. We hope the Pot au Noir will be particularly difficult to cross, specially for him... we'll see... But it's a little uncertain. This transition zone can change about over a couple's hours, so we'll see to what dish he'll be eaten. For us, the ones behind, we hope all will go well. Then, after we have the Atlantic's ascent, North Atlantic, the Azores Anticyclone... A very complex end of a race... So we hope there'll possibly be different weather choices to make... that the game will remain open to be able to attack full out until the very end, to catch up on François! It's our objective on the end of the race! We'll give out everything until the end, not withholding any as usual!


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