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Vendée Globe, day 65 - Gabart's advance widens, Thomson in the Pot Black!

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MACIF attacks! This resumes well the last 36 hours at the head of the race.


François Gabart
Here's the Brazilian trade wind... we're going fast. It's nice and hot... no complaints!


And for good reasons. From 169 miles yesterday morning to 250 today at 4pm, François Gabart's advance on Armel Le Cleac'h has widened considerably. So accordingly for the youngest of the fleet, nevertheless leader, all's going well..


François Gabart
We're nearing the Equator. There's the POT AU NOIR passage ahead. I hope it all goes well for the boat MACIF during the Atlantic's ascent to get back to Les Sables d'Olonne. I'm trying to be as fast as possible I promise... Alright! Talk to you! Ciao, ciao!

At the back, it's Alex Thomson, who's 4th at 735 miles from the lead. Everyone counts on the good outcomes of the POT AU NOIR passage and cast themselves in a far fetched future.


Alex Thomson
Well, it will slow down for everybody when we get to the Doldrums [the Pot Black], and then, after the Doldrums, the boats will be on the wind, so there may be a compression. Then it depends, in the next hours, we'll be in the Azores Anticyclone and into the west wind. I hope we have decent westerly winds, and how hard that is, because here, there will be no further opportunity for a compression. We'll have to wait and see!


At the tale end of the fleet, in the Pacific Ocean, and closing the trail, he sails by 52 degrees South. And he's as enthusiastic as a leader navigating in the heat and the trade winds.


Alessandro Di Benedetto
I just passed the East gate of the Pacific Ocean so I am now heading towards the Cape Horn. The boat's at about 20 knots with an average of 18 knots over the last hours. All is fine on board. Now really, to the Cape Horn. Almost a straight route, another two or three tack changes and about 1500 miles to go. So in five, six days I'll pass the Cape Horn if all goes well. Talk to you soon! Ciao, ciao!



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