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Vendée Globe, day 62 - Le Cam reaches the Atlantic, Boissières gains two places!

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Arnaud Boissières
The Cape Horn, it feels great!


It was 11pm when Arnaud Boissières passed the Cape Horn. He could barely discern it enough to enjoy the moment, a moment that's always very special.

Arnaud Boissières
This... this is well worth it!


And upon passing the Horn, he gains two places: one for overtaking Javier Sanso and the other because, at the very the same moment, slightly sheltered in a bay Bernard Stamm resupplies fuel.

Help that stops the controversy about his disqualification and definitely puts him out of the race. But for the Swiss to get to that meant there was no other way. Once he was off he told us about his last five days without power. Five days is a long time.


Bernard Stamm
Navigation was becoming risky, so I tried sailing after turning off all the equipment and I slept... I don't know... during the 5 days, maybe 6, 7 hours... I don't know.


Anyway passing the Cape Horn is like a Renaissance, the end of a liquid desert, coming back to life...

The smell of earth, fauna, everything creates enthusiasm, wouldn't you say Mister Le Cam who's today off the Faulklands?


Jean Le Cam
Welcome into the Atlantic! Great weather and it's awfully nice! Birds chirping up here... look as they take off! It's beautiful, beautiful! Gorgeous! Look at that! How exceptional! How beautiful! There are seals in the water! Look! Lots of seals in the water. Look at that one, I find her particularly pretty, let me try to zoom in... there... she's pure, simple and beautiful. What do you say girls? Pure simple and beautiful.



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