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Vendée Globe, day 61 - De La Motte with headsail trouble, Stamm disqualified!

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We've known better awakenings. This is what Tanguy De La Motte discovered yesterday morning: the headsails in the water.

Tanguy de Lamotte
It's bad news as this is a very good sail for the Great South. I'm gonna try to bring it back on board. I'll have to do it meter after meter, a great battle. It's attached along the boat with rope band. It's hard to fish out such a sail!
About half is on the boat, I'm getting at it from the front. The halyard was cut on the upper part.
I've been at it for the last two and half hours, the situation is now under control. I took three reefs on the main sail, forward I used the staysail, to be able to sail.

Tanguy continues on his way, struggling along towards the Cape Horn he should reach in five days. Today Mike Golding, Bernard Stamm and Dominique Wavre passed it, not seeing much of it.

Dominique Wavre
That's the only way to see the Cape Horn, the elements seen on the left of the radar we see here.

But he's well accompanied!

Dominique Wavre
They are really very close. I can tell you there's a kind of warmth that's extraordinary. To be accompanied by such... they are gods, gods of the sea.

So they are now eight in the Atlantic and soon to be 10 as Arnaud Boissieres and Javier Sanso are expected there shortly.

In front, François Gabart has a 100 miles lead over Armel Le Cleac'h, but the gap has stabilized. Got to say, Armel is nicknamed the Jackal, for a good reason. 

Armel Le Cleac'h
We don't let anything go for a start. We'll get to Les Sables D'Olonne but there's still quite a way. So nothing's set yet! Alright, bye now. Ciao, ciao!

That is, not for everyone. Barely after having passed the Cape Horn, Bernard Stamm was resupplied in fuel. He's, therefore, out of the race.

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