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Vendée Globe, day 60 - The pass of the Cape Horn

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The pass of the Cape Horn is like a release. Sounds like a cliché, I agree, but it's so true... this feeling of having overcome everything. And for some it's even more so than for others.

Jean Le Cam
Here, this is a moment, a real moment for me. This one wasn't snatched I may say. In '82 I passed the Cape Horn with Eric Tabarly on board EUROMARCHé and in 2004 again, this time on board BONDUELLE, in 2008 again but that time with Vincent Riou on board PRB as I had capsized with VM MATERIAU, and now in 2013 with SYNERCIEL and I can tell you I'm very happy. There were times it didn't matter as much but this time, it feels good, very good.

But the Cape Horn is strange in some ways. You think the hardest is behind you and it lays ahead.

Thomas Coville, 6th of the Vendée Globe's 4th edition and races around the world knows what he's talking about.

Thomas Coville
When passing the Cape Horn, you get the feeling as Jean was saying earlier that it's over. In fact, it's far from that. The Atlantic is really long way of the cross

Ask Jean-Pierre Dick who went through (in his own words) the worst day of his life at sea. Almost lost his mast, lost a lot of ground. At 4pm, he's 3rd at a little less than 450 miles from the lead, and the lead is well held by François Gabart. Though you wouldn't say, he's widening the gap, up to 100 miles on Armel Le Cleac'h.

What if the race was now unfolding ?



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