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Vendée Globe, day 59 - Leaders struggling, Dick in trouble and Le Cam in a historical moment!

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Session with Armel Le Cleac'h at noon. Sidney Gavignet, four passes of the Cape Port Racing, is here for comments.

Armel Le Cleac'h

Well, the conditions we have through the night: heavy squalls after 45 knots with the raging sea, so I was o nwatch all night. I'll sleep later! The boat is well chopped!

Sidney Gavignet
I find Armel's call to be very authentic. You really feel the weariness. In the videos we saw on the net, we could tell there was a lot of bluff. It shows to what extent these competitors try to give a fresky image while they're really stringing along.
François Gabart
Hello, hello! Here, we're in the Atlantic, with a little sunshine, feels good! It's a long journey, still, lots of miles to cover. In sight of Armel Le Cleac'h, but I'm going to put everything I have, you can count on that! Give everything I've got, and go all the way! Give my best!

Voice intonation often sais more than some images. Today's, Armel's tells us that the two leaders are struggling, and if we've heard Jean-Pierre Dick's, we would have percieved irritation, strain and anger. Because Jean-Pierre almost lost his mast. Concieded some ground at 4 p.m., he was 336 miles from the lead.

But the image gave away other message. For one, they show the sea.

Jean Le Cam
We have 35 knots, with a 40 knot swat, a while ago. I don't know if you can tell from this images.

Sometimes these images also carry on emotions and souvenirs.

Jean Le Cam
Four years ago, I capsised with VM Materiaux, and Vincent (Riou) came to my rescue. In zones very similar to where we are now. So this is a moment, a moment of history you can say. I hope I'll pass the Cape Horn under more favorable losses this time.
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