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Vendée Globe, day 55 - Jean-Pierre Dick has passed Cape Horn!

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The Vendée Globe is at it's 55th day. Last night, Jean-Pierre Dick entered, or rather got back to the Atlantic Ocean. In other words, he is the 3rd competitor to have passed the Cape Horn, not without any pain.


Jean-Pierre Dick
It was pitch dark and I didn't see the Rock. All night, as I was engaged in the Drake Pass, it was absolute horror. I didn't see any north wind but I think the wind conditions are favorable to catch up. Now it all relies on me to set the turbo and establish contact.


Those in the front are now warned. Those who've gone to fetch wind East of the Falkland islands, taking advantage of a calm moment the leader François Gabart killed two birds with one stone.

With the help of an underwater camera, he inspected the lower part of his hull, checking nothing had stuck to the appendix. Doing so he offers us a look of Macif you've never seen before. Here, the starboard Rudder blade, then pulling the camera out of the water, moving it around and plunging it back we see the keel.

At the other end of the fleet, the Atlantic is still far for Alessandro Di Benedetto.

Alessandro Di Benedetto
South of New Zealand on board Team Plastique! Pretty colors and, every now and then, the sun! Nice waves... I'm a little under canvassed because of Automatic Pilot problems.

Problems partially resolved, that have not affected his good mood and mostly don't prevent him from sharing his incommensurable joy of being at sea.

Alessandro Di Benedetto
Magnificent albatross!
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