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Vendée Globe, day 54 - Lead skippers passed Cape Horn!

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François Gabart
I'll show you on the computer 'cause you can't see anything outside. There! He he. We passed the Cape Horn longitude. That's done, so let's try to come nearer. In any case it's going the right direction with the wind coming from the left. We'll try and near the coastline. Imagine the animal! Our chap is 2,5 miles away... there... That's where he is. I don't know if you see anything, I see a vagus spot.

That was yesterday at about 7:20 French time

François Gabart
Yup, well. The Cape Horn ain't really photogenic today!

True we didn't see much of the moment and will need to add the information of the revelating performance.

The fleets youngest skipper, 29 years old, has passed the famous rock after 52 days race, four days less than his mentor Michel Desjoyeaux's record in 2009. 

And 75 minutes after François Gabart, close to nothing to the Vendée Globe's scale, it was Armel Le Cleac'h's turn.

Armel Le Cléac'h
We passed the Cape Horn a little while ago, so now. We're in the Atlantic. End of the South seas! The Indian Ocean and the Pacific are well behind... Now, we'll try to avoid the icebergs, that are quite present before us over the next hundred miles... Plop! ... A little cheers for the Cape Horn! And one for the boat!

At Bernard Stamm's, it's more a frosty reception. Let's take a quick look at the facts. On December 23rd as the Swiss is anchored near the Auckland islands to repair his hydro generators, seeing his boat drift he makes the decision to moor to a scientific boat anchored in the same bay.

A few days later the race committee files a complaint against the Cheminees Poujoulat skipper considering he recieved outside assistance.

Followed the reunion of an international jury who applied the rules and decided to disqualify Bernard Stamm. Here's his reaction:

Bernard Stamm
Well, as you can imagine, things could be better. Now I'm allowed to ask for the case's re-opening which is exactly what I'm going to do. I believe to have acted with the security of my boat in mind and above all, according to the race's spirit. That's it!
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