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Vendée Globe, day 53 - Happy New Year from Cape Horn!

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Tanguy De Lamotte
5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year!
Bernard Stamm
All the best! Best Wishes! Always at 25 knots. Best wishes and good health!
Jean-Pierre Dick
Oh, a pretty and long year 2013! May all your projects become reality and as here, in the great South with my twelve comrades, knock yourself out, is what I wish you all!
Jean Le Cam
Happy new year and may all you wish yourself, and dream of, become real in this year 2013!
Alessandro Di Benedetto
Happy New Year to you all, ciao! Ciao!

Rather foreseable and, where originality is concerned, but there are rituals you can't avoid.

François Gabart
We're January 1st and still in the Pacific Ocean! Not for long, should we reach Cape Horn at the end of the day. Peaceful Pacific... a little dull today... Grey and rainy. About 25, 30 knots and we're not far from South America. About 30 miles, leeward, and there are quite a few ice cubes along the way.
Carto Cap Horn

As announced during the last days the route leading to Cape Horn is badly paved. It should be around 7 pm that the leader François Gabart will pass the famous Cape. A geographical Cape which resounds with colorful adventures but also a psychological Cape, as the one and unique double winner of the race reminds us.

Michel, remember, your fist Cape Horn, was there a lot of emotion ?
Michel Desjoyeaux
Well, it's not so the Cape in itself because of course it's a mythical Cape that's won acclaim in different times. For me, that's how I lived up to it on both my Vendée Globes. Once you reach Cape Horn there's a relief effect. You're out of a month in the South Seas, anxious to near coastlines. It will be the first coast, the first real coast they'll see since a month and a half for some!

Here, François Gabart, who missed telling us everything earlier.

I wish you a Happy New Year to all who follow our route, to all the others, everyone! Good health and many great things! Ciao, ciao!


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