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Vendée Globe, day 40 - The marks of the South Seas

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It's been over a week Jean-Pierre Dick hasn't sent any images. Perhaps a sign times had been hard. 


Jean-Pierre Dick 
Here's a nice squall from the 40s, dark sky right behind, and a growing wind that can become dangerous with the amount of sail I have out, so I need to be particularly careful.


Faces are beginning to wear down, men and machines suffer. The South Seas are showing their marks.


Jean-Pierre Dick 


Hard, hard, hard, hard, it's hard to climb up the mast, it's not my thing. After being up on the mast... Wow, my groin's really aching! Bad blood circulation...two hours up there is a long time. It's repaired now, I'm off to sleep. Bye!


For the time being, we only get a touch of their adventures but we feel the skippers are pulling hard on the rope.. A quieter sea is as much rest as needed to try & tell us what they went through.


Jean Le Cam
Here is the morning of the next day. So, I was sitting here on the seat like this and we did the dead man's drop. So what happened is that the boat suddenly stopped and the seat tore off, like this, crac! I fell backwards like this, clac! And found myself stuck on the floor, at the bottom end. I fell on my back, hit my ribs. The seat tore off, you see it well there. So here's the... How can I say? The dead man's drop.
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