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Vendée Globe, day 39 - Gabard entered the Pacific Ocean!

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François Gabard


Welcome on board, merci! We've just passed in to the Pacific Ocean! I haven't felt the difference yet, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, but we've changed. As you can see the sun is about to set, because when it sets here, it's about to rise for you!

And so, while we were asleep, François Gabard entered the Pacific Ocean, was taken over by Armel Le Cleac'h, who's ahead of him by 16 minutes, and who was trying to go unnoticed, took 60 miles in three days. Jean-Pierre Dick is falling at 400 miles, Thomson and Stamm, up north at about 850. Stamm, by the winds, set the them in today, he's one of the few.

You have to say, it isn't easy. And, it's sewing time, when you've got to get yourself out there.

Bernard Stamm
Here I'm finishing the repair, sewing the bray, that's what it's called. Conditions, on the other hand, it moves a bit, a lot of times . And sewing takes time! And because it's the big sale, I'm hurrying! It's not all to fool around, we need navigation images, so let's go! Let's go out and try to get this images! Not an easy thing, huh? It's the sea! Shaking! There's a lot of wind! And the sea is really rough!
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