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Vendée Globe, day 38- Competitors are catching up to the head!

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A little detail, maybe, but today all competitors except Alessandro Di Benedetto and Arnaud Boissieres have made up a few miles on the leader. Even Tanguy De Le Motte, second before last, at 3230 miles or 6000 kilometers of François Gabart.

Tanguy de Lamotte
It's going fast today. There's 25 to 30 knots wind , that's what we make out, we're at 20 knots. Good maneuver, see? Didn't even get wet! Just need to say it and I'm all soaked!

This cut on the gap is mostly noticeable between the first ahead since Armel Le Cleac'h is only 16 miles from François Gabart. For the rest, nothing particular to report on a race's looks that's primarily marked by the velocity of the two ahead. That comes as a surprise to Jérémie Beyou who was at the Press sitting yesterday.

Jérémie Beyou
They're able to stay up against the fronts longer. And so what's more surprising is that it's the ones in the back who get locked up in "boxes". That's what's hard to deal with for the ones behind, because, not only are the first ahead of the front, with the wind well oriented and a slight sea while the others are behind with less wind and a turbulent sea watching the first setting off.

So as he says, got to keep hopes up and upon the Cape Horn turn, some regrouping might take place.

Here is the Vendée spice, gaps are important and still nothing's set yet, that is, we wouldn't risk any forecast, surely a matter of self esteem.

Jean Le Cam
It'll take a clever trevor to say who's going to win the Vendée Globe. The one who thinks he knows is surely an imbecile!

That being said, the only thing that's almost sure is that Tanguy De La Motte won't win, and he doesn't really care. Wind has hardened, there's smoke on the water.

Tanguy de La Motte
There's 45 knots wind. Smoke on the water!
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