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Vendée Globe, day 37- The Furious Fifties are in sight!

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The Furious Fifties! Sounds like a dream! An adventure, what a thrill!

Well, the first have reached the Furious Fifties, this is what it sounds like on board.


Armel Le Cleac'h
Sunday, Dicember 15th, we're in the Furious Fifties! In the southen hemisphere, by 51 degrees south. It's very cold, and to show you how cold, the olive oil is frozen! Here, here is the olive oil, it's harden. Its minus 6 degrees on board. Clothes aren't drying and, to sleep, you've got to rule the blanquet out. Hello, mattress, gloves, over-hat, the whole outfit! And it's wet outside, with rough sea, it's cold. And tomorrow we reach the Australia's East Gate!


The gaps in the rankings seem to have stabilized after the last 4/5 days' transformations of the race. At 4 p.m. Armel Le Cleac'h is 46 miles ahead of François Gabart. Jean-Pierre Dick, at 471. Thomson and Stann are up by 41 degrees south, and quite far behind, the tontons flingueurs trio is taking a beating, with heavy weather conditions.


Dominique Wavre
It's 40 knots here and it's not warm either. The boats have 20 knots with this squall. We're going at it. You can see the smoke on the water, and the 40 knots out there. And the boat's doing well in this mess, despite the hard conditions. Note that we're in a spot that's windy and we're flat out.
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