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Vendée Globe, day 33 - François Gabart is leading the race!

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François Gabart is leading the race. At the 4 pm check he was ahead of his alter ego Armel Le Cleac'h by 8 miles. François' performance doesn't cease to impress everyone, to the extent of raising the question. All the more so as he's doing the same as Michel Desjoyeaux, his mentor, did fourth years ago.

Alain Gautier:
Over the last 72 hours we saw Gabart faster by 1 knot on average as he made up 70 miles on Armel in 72 hours time. We have the feeling he's got something more. I don't think he's over pushing his boat, maybe a different sail because 1 knot difference isn't that huge. It shows a slight difference which is interesting, a little like what Michel Desjoyaux did four years ago. Very interesting. We'll find out more when they come out of the Great South and hopefully reveal their secrets. 

While waiting for these revelations, François Gabart and Armel Le Cleac'h pursue their 'Mano a Mano', while Jean-Pierre Dick stays out of the way by about 80 miles.

Bernard Stamm is henceforth 4th because Alex Thomson went up North. Is he off to something or preserving the state of his boat? That is the question. Once again, the englishman collided a Foni (floating object non identified), breaking his hydrogenerator and finds himself with the same repairs he had to cope with a month ago. This incident makes it impossible for him to transmit on board images (no one has today for that matter, except the bold Arnaud Boissieres)

Arnaud Boissieres:
Aahhh, it's a little wet out. We're gonna try to look outside. It's grey, it's grey, grey and grey again! We're constantly at 20 knots, it's quite nice, here, 21 knots easy. And I'm playing the fool wearing a T shirt!
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