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Vendée Globe, day 32- Widening gap between the skippers!

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We can't yet say if another record of "miles within 24 hours" will be broken again in the next hours but rhythm hasn't slowed down at the lead of the Vendée globe.


Quite a breathtaking rhythm, Jean-Pierre Dick, Armel Le Cleac'h and François Gabart flirt or go over the 500 miles a day mark. No wonder these three have gotten to the Amsterdam gate first!

A picture resumes the situation: sent by François Gabart this morning, he outstrips Armel Le Cleac'h by 20 minutes over the passing of the gate, 20 minutes after 24000 kilometers. They are so close to each other that at the 4 pm check it was impossible to say who of Armel or François was ahead. The only one to keep up the pace is Jean-Pierre Dick.

In the back, the gap is widening. We have to say Alex Thomson broke a hydro generator but it's not only the equipment that's wearing out, the men too. Bernard Stamm had to slow down and play dentist.

Bernard Stamm
A good third of the molar disappeared. It's bared, it even hurts when I breathe. I'll be ok. This is to make a filling. In naval construction talk, a filling is a mix of glue.


The surgery went fine, thank you doc.

Bernard Stamm is still fourth at 150 miles behind the leaders.

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