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Vendée Globe, day 26 - Le Cléac'h reaching the second gate!

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Twenty-five days into the race, the competitors are now sailing in the Indian Ocean, which means five are still in the Atlantic South. Alessandro di Benedetto bringing up the rear, but not on the race's edge, so to say.

Alessandro di Benedetto
The weather is still nice. So I enjoy the pace, the temperature, to shave.

More than seven hundred miles ahead of the Franco-Italian, Bertrand De Broc, eleventh in the ranking, just entered the roaring forties.

Bertrand De Broc
Heavy duty conditions today. Heavy sea. Not to strong the wind, 25 to 35 knots. The boat is rather happy! Nice 'scapes, good speeds, great sensations. There you go! Got to hold on, you know, because, you may not have noticed, but I have. Accelerations are quite fierce.

In about thirty-six hours, Bertrand De Broc has reached Aiguilles gate, the first of the nine gates placed at regular intervals in the Great South. Delimited by two GPS markings, these gates, materialized in green, must necessarily be taken into account by the competitors. Their aim is to reasonably keep them away from the Antarctic continent and, by extension, avoid icebergs and other growlers drifting under these latitudes. The second gate, named Crozet, is in the leading groups' aim.

Armel Le Cléac'h
We're trying to go fast! Not to be caught up in the anticyclone behind us! Just to catch up, we have the Crozet gate in front. The objective is to pass the gate before the anticyclone. So we tally. See you!

At 4p.m. check, Armel Le Cléac'h was still ahead of François Gabart, by 14 miles, and Jean-Pierre Dick, by 37.


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