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Vendée Globe, day 24- Le Cam in trouble!

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Imagine: You're in the middle of the South Atlantic, thousands of miles from the closest land, and you have to dive under your boat for over 30 minutes, in water that's at 12 degrees, where the ocean's depth is measured in kilometers. You don't have a choice, if you want to cut off the net that wound around your keel. Yesterday, that's what happened to Jean Le Cam.

At a peak of emotion Jean Le Cam is at a loss of words to match what he just accomplished.

For Armel Le Cleac'H this monday december 3rd is to be marked in several white stones, as it is his little son Edgar's birthday.

Armel owed it to himself to give Edgar a few presents among which Taking from Jean-Pierre Dick the lead of the Vendée Globe this morning and pass the Cape of Good Hope 's longitude at mid day.. in 22 days 23 hours and 48 minutes, he lowered by a little over 24 hours the record set by Vincent RIOU in 2004.

At 4pm the BANQUE POPULAIRE's skipper had extended his lead on Jean-Pierre Dick by 45 miles.

Yesterday's leader, 3rd today, François Gabart consigned 66 miles behind is coping with a load of depression ... not at the right time!

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