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Vendée Globe, day 30- Thomson takes over 3rd place from Dick!

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Yesterday, taking advantage of the time, Bernard Stamm is proceeding to a few repairs.

Bernard Stamm
I'm going to replace Batten number 4 that's broken. This is the spare, that's numbered here. The places where I need to saw according to the batten I've broken.

During the Vendée Globe, at a moment or another, a skipper is bound to become a repair man, a faculty to add to the various parameters that come into account in the final result. 

Bernard Stamm
Here's the work! What a job! Just for a silly stop of the spare pilot! I'm quite upset in fact!

Since, the most Breton of the Swiss has gotten his colors back: Fifth in the most recent ranking he was sailing at over 20 knots.

At several hundred miles behind, his compatriot Dominique Wavre, the event's veteran, was trying to catch up with his two comrades, Mike Golding and Jean Le Cam.

Dominique Wavre
Nice winds, about 20 25 knots, at the wind's 90 degrees, it's one of the boat's fastest speeds. On the other hand, it's shaky and extremely loud!

At the lead' s wind, Alex Thomson was flashed at over 22 knots and took over the 3rd position from Jean-Pierre Dick.

The English skipper was the fleet's fastest along with François Gabart, 2nd , both in the leader's trail, Armel Le Cleac'h.


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