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Wally Begins the Third Yacht in Its Wallycento Series

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On December 19th, 2013, Wally announced that it had started work on the third yacht in its Wallcento series. The series, which includes Hamilton and Magic Carpet 3, uses an innovative box-ruled design that makes it relatively easy for owners to customize their ships. The third ship in this series is supported by an American owner who has extensive experience in sailing. He plans to use the new Wallycento yacht to participate in Wally regattas and cruise the Mediterranean.


This third Wallycento boat offers several new features, including a bow thruster that will improve its cruising capability. She also has one rudder whereas Magic Carpet 3 has two. A newly designed deckhouse has a coaming made of teak that integrates into the rest of the deck. This helps make the yacht slimmer than its sisters.

At this point, Wally has just started construction at Green Marine in the United Kingdom. It expects to laminate the hull in February. The initial launch is scheduled for June 2015.

Wallycento Number Three is designed as a 30-meter yacht with accommodations for six guests and up to four crew members. It's sail will span 640 square meters. Wally hasn't decided what engine to install, but the company knows it wants a 300 hp option that will let Number Three travel at 11 knots.

Exterior and interior designs for Wallycento Number Three come from Wally and Luca Bassani. Reichel Pugh is the yacht's naval architect.

Yacht-lovers all over the world should keep their eyes open for the 2015 release. This ship will help solidify Wally's reputation as one of the best builders operating today.

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