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Meet the new Nedship 65m MY Sea Bull

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We are proud to unveil the design on our latest Mega Yacht project, the 65m MY SEA BULL.

This new yacht project is closing a gap in the already amazing yacht series of NEDSHIP, between the high performing Strand-Craft series and the outstanding 105m Sovereign project. 

The function and storage of a Trawler, the elegance of a Mega yacht and the performance of a Sport yacht.

In collaboration with Brokers, Owners and Crew members, lots of practical and reliable design features came into this project. The design team went on this project the opposite way as normally doing. The designers packed the yacht with all possible features. It makes a project much easier to cancel some parts than to add things which were normally not foreseen in the design.

The challenge was to realize as much wishes as possible on a Mega yacht this size by having a view on the limitations yacht owners sometimes not thinking about that they are existing. With this hand in hand design work, this yacht gets several features into, which only are offered normally on much bigger yachts on the market.

One feature is the heli hangar, another one is the practical integration of a sub marine for 3 Pax, a third one is a 160 sqm owner's suite with a 13m long swimming pool. And all these on a yacht in the size of 60m to 65m.

The task on the general look of the yacht was to keep her still with a sportive but not very extreme appearance, to stay still timeless for the future. A well approved fast displacement hull design offers a perfect stability and economical operation. As the yacht can be build in several materials as Alu/Steel or also Carbon, NEDSHIP also offers lots of possibilities for the owner in features, latest qualities and technique as well as interesting price solutions on a +60m yacht.

The complete service, crew and operating units went into the lower deck, which makes the separation between crew and guests easier and creates more space for the guests and crew.

The main deck is mainly foreseen for the 5 guest suites (one of them as a VIP Suite). All guest suites will have an extra outside walkway with integrated balconies which brings a lot of day light into each cabin. Other than that the main deck is offering 2 huge salon areas which can be arranged to the ideas of the owner.

The upper deck is more the private deck for the owner. Once the heli is not on board, the heli deck offers a 13m swimming pool and a huge terrace for the owner. Or the heli has his location as well on the bow heli pad.

The sun deck is again the area for the guests and offers lots of variations and space for events or meetings.

Powered by MTU 2000/4000, the yacht is able to realize speeds between 17kn and 29 kn and a transatlantic range. The 65m SEA BULL will offers at high sea in open

Ocean conditions a much saver stability than the most advanced multi hulls on the market.

Following some features on this extravagant yacht are available on owners request:

Heli pad including the option on a heli hangar (EC 135)

Sub marine C-Explorer 3

Garage space in total approx. 200 sqm, including a car operation and up to 4 boat tenders and other equippment

Beach Club with huge platforms on sea level

13m swimming pool

Master suite approx 160 sqm with all amenities

5 guest suites (one of them as VIP), each connected to the outside walkway with integrated balconies various entertainment and salon areas

Guest elevator for all decks

Carbon construction, as usual by NEDSHIPGROUP for high performing and economical yachts available as 60m or 65m Version in lots of different configurations

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