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M5 Remodeled - Successful sail trials

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Pendennis recently completed trials of the remodeled Mirabella V, also known as M5, and they show a marked improvement in the yacht's performance.

The new design replaces original materials with a carbon rig, titanium fittings, and fiber optics that reduces the yacht's weight by 18 tons (36,000 pounds). Pendennis worked closely with M5's original designer, Ron Holland, to meet the owner's latest expectations.


The remodeling project also upgraded other aspects of the yacht, including her:
• main engines
• sewage treatment facilities
• air conditioning system
• switchboards
• generators
• entertainment systems

These upgrades should offer safer, more pleasant adventures for M5's owner.

While reducing the weight, designers still managed to add three meters to M5's stern, giving it a sleeker look and a larger aft deck. Designers also created a side boarding platform that makes it easier for the owner and his guests to get on and off the yacht.

Redman Whiteley Dixon, a British company, redesigned M5's interior.

During the sail trials, M5 reached 17.7 knots.

Now that Pendennis has completed its sail trials in the waters of its Falmouth, UK facility, the company takes a big step towards returning M5 to her owner, who will undoubtedly enjoy the upgrades, increased speeds, and lighter weight. Now the company needs to complete the yacht's final fit-out and test its updated systems to make sure they work flawlessly.

Pendennis specializes in building yachts and retrofitting older designs with new technology. The company is currently building a new 31.3-meter sloop, restoring a classic MY Malahne, and refitting several SY yachts.

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