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Lurssen Yachts, superyacht Kismet, project Global

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Lürsen Yachts strikes once again! On the 7th July, 2014 they unveiled the launching of project Global, soon to be named "Kismet". This exceptional 95 meters yacht, with a 13.8 meter beam, is the largest one yet this year, and comes as an up-grade of a 68 meters yacht for a unique client. Customized to perfection, its dazzling harmonious lines are a perfect match with its superb engineering skills.


Externally and internally this magnificent boat offers everything is needed and more, so even the slightest owner's desire is taken into consideration. Espen Oeino, its exterior designer, made excellent use of the external area by creating numerous, spacious and versatile living spaces useful either for charter or private use. No expenses were spare to make the external deck the most pleasant as possible, including an open fire place, external lounging and eating areas on three different decks, one with a fully equipped BBQ, an oval shaped swimming pool with integrated Jacuzzi on the sun deck and, on top of it all, a private observation deck overlooking it all.

Concerning its interior, the Reymond Langton Design excelled itself by granting Kismet an original, one of a kind, luxurious style. As Pascal Reymond explains: "The interior spaces distributions of Kismet are very original with some very dramatic features and fabulous perspectives". This enables a large flexibility in regard to the multiple uses that each space can acquire since, for instance, the large voids between decks make it perfect for large dining parties, but also suitable for smaller, more intimate, gatherings thanks to sliding doors and panels that can gracefully separate each area. Its uniqueness spread and enters every suite available as a result of the ingenious way to make each room have their own identity refined by the best quality materials one can imagine: handmade textile and artwork, exotic woods and marble.

Elegancy is written all over this exclusive gemstone, which epitomizes the best in high-end luxury cruising with its modern and original design, consequently giving birth to such a rare piece of art. It is like Robert Moran, of Moran Yacht & Ships, declared: "Kismet represents the best of the best in the construction of top quality yachts". She is truly a remarkable statement in large yacht construction, as Lürsen confirms.

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