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Lürssen Yachts Delivers Azzam, the World's Largest Yacht, to Owner

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Lürssen Yachts delivered Azzam to her owner on October 22nd, 2013. At 180 meters long, she is the world's longest yacht. Her large size doesn't slow Azzam down, though. Thanks to a 94,000 HP engine, she can travel at speeds over 30 knots.

Lürssen Yachts worked with exterior designer Nauta Yachts and interior designer Christophe Leoni to build this impressive vessel in less than four years.


The owner receive Azzam so quickly because the companies working together on the yacht already had plenty of experience on large projects. Nauta Yachts drew inspiration from the elegance and simplicity of Light 80 and Light 90, two designs that have become a hallmark of the designer's aesthetic.

Considering the high stakes of building such a large craft, everyone involved worked their hardest to make Azzam as special as possible. Mario Pedol, CEO of Nauta Yachts, explains that everyone's "efforts were concentrated to achieve a design defined by strong character, but dressed by a timeless elegance..."

Azzam mixes contemporary and modern architecture to set a new milestone in the superyacht industry.

Super yacth Lürssen Azzam

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