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Lurssen delivers 104m Quantum Blue Superyacht

Lurssen delivers 104m Quantum Blue Superyacht Marcus Meyer
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The latest Tim Heywood design, the magnificent 104 m Quantum Blue, has been recently delivered and it's getting ready for her maiden voyage next spring. Her older sister, Pelorus, a 115 m superyacht who has also come from the pen of Tim Heywood, has already undergone her refit. Spotless, these two glamorous princesses have offered these days an astounding view, both hovering in the cold water of Lurssen shipyards in Bremen.

Quantum Blue, officially launched on July 25th 2014 and recently delivered to her owners, could be gracefully seen these days next to her sister Pelorus at Lurssen shipyards in Bremen. Like a young lady sprucing herself up before a reception, this gorgeous and young piece of art is getting ready for her first voyage. On the other hand, her older and bigger sister, Pelorum, had her refit completely performed, and as a restored but superb artwork it's ready to eat the ocean once again, showing everybody who's the queen. The thing is that at Lurssen, making yacht's life expectancy and performance once again comparable to that of a newbuild, it's the main aim at every refitting job they take.

This winter, six yachts are at the Lurssen facilities and like every year, many more sons and daughters of Lurssen will go back home to be refitted, repaired or converted. The truth is that far from forgetting what it delivers, half of the job at Lurssen is focused on taking deep care of all its creations, where none of them is treated with less than the seal for german precision and excellence for which this brand is so renowned. In Lurssen's own words: Refit, Repair and Conversion has become a core business for Lurssen. Angel's Share, Pelorus, Carinthia VII, Dilbar, Radiant, Rising Sun, TV, Phoenix and Kismet, are just some of the breathtaking yachts that have been lately refitted at the seven shipyards Lurssen's got in North Germany. Down there, over 1800 people between engineers, naval architects and craftsmen, work all together like clockwork to give birth to new sensations, as well as to keep the magic alive onboard of those who come back. Just as with the fairy godmother, with Lurssen charm never leaves the deck, and princesses never ever turn into pumpkins.

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