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Heesen's 40-Meter Galatea Exceeds Contractual Speed

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How often do you get more than you pay for?

During speed trials held on March 4th and 5th, Heesen proved that it's one of the world's top yacht companies when it 40-meter sportster Galatea reached 29.7 knots in perfect sea conditions. That's 2.2 knots over the contractual speed agreed on by the yacht's builder and owner, an impressive accomplishment that would please any yachting enthusiast.

Galatea represents an innovative breed of new yachts produced by Heesen. An all-aluminum, semi-displacement hull makes the yacht lightweight, powerful, and easy to control. Galatea features two MTU engines that create 3,800 horsepower. She also has gyro stabilizers that contribute to her excellent performance.

Heseen says it will deliver Galatea to her owners by the end of March.