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Heesen Yachts launches MY Lady Petra

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Heesen Yachts is proud to announce that on Saturday April 28th 2012 YN 15747 was christened MY Lady Petra by her Owners. Launched at the facility in Oss this new vessel is the eighth in Heesen's award-winning 47metre class.

This project, which began when the contract was signed back in 2010, is very special for the Company as the client is Frans Heesen himself, the former owner and founder of the shipyard.

Mr. and Mrs. Heesen appointed Bannenberg and Rowell to design the interiors of their new yacht because they particularly appreciate the richness and variety of materials used by this company in their interior designs, and the way that they are brought together to create an eclectic yet pleasingly integrated atmosphere. The challenge of working with a shipyard owner turned yacht owner was welcomed by Dickie Bannenberg of Bannenberg and Rowell Design: "Designing a yacht for someone who has built his shipyard into an industry-leading force is an honour and, at the same time, a great responsibility. But we have had a wonderful couple of years working closely with the Heesen family and the Heesen team (both interchangeable !) and are very proud to set Frans, Petra and their family on their way in their new yacht." The guiding inspirations of the décor come from diverse sources including 20th Century industrial Dutch design, optical geometric studies, and shapes inspired by industrial components such as formers and frames. These elements come together to create a dynamic interior concept that is also comfortable, approachable and inviting.

Frank Laupman of Omega architects has worked extensively on the Heesen fleet. "We are proud to have the opportunity to be part of the Heesen world by creating the lines for their yachts for some twenty years. Today we are even more proud because this new 47 metre has been conceived for Frans Heesen the founder of this beautiful shipyard." The general arrangement of the yacht created by Omega Architects, has positioned the Owner's suite on the upper deck away from the guest cabins on the Lower deck offering the Owners more privacy and calm during periods when their numerous grandchildren are on board. This also means that the younger members of the family benefit from a media and games room in the area that is normally reserved for the master cabin forward on the main deck.

On the occasion of the launching of his new motor yacht Frans Heesen took the opportunity to announce his retirement from official functions in the company that bears his name. "It is time for me to enjoy life with my family and friends" – says the successful Dutch businessman. "I am going to be the Brand Ambassador of this wonderful company that I founded some 35 years ago. I will always be there to support the brand and to promote it until the end of my days!"

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