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Feadship 83m Savannah, one of the few Hybrid Superyachts

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After three years of intense designing and building, Feadship announced the launch of Savannah, an 83.5-meter vessel noted as the world's first hybrid superyacht. The motor yacht launched from Feadship's yard in Aalsmeer, Netherlands. Savannah's owner celebrated the event with a James Bond-themed festival in honor of the dedicated engineers, designers, and craftsmen who dedicated years of their lives to the special yacht.

Feadship created Savannah to compete with some of the world's most eco-friendly yachts. She gets her environmentally conscious strength from three generators, a main engine build by Warsilla, a central propeller shaft, and Li-ion batteries capable of holding up to one million watts of power.

This combination of technology increases Savannah's energy efficiency by about 30%. Her captain can also take advantage of flexible settings so she can use diesel fuel, a fully electric system, or a combination of diesel and electric.


Feadship's team also poured years of work into making Savannah an extremely attractive superyacht. The designers used stainless steel, teak wood, and aluminum supports to create the illusion that Savannah's superstructure floats above the water.

In line with the owner's request, Savannah blurs the lines between interior and exterior spaces. The main deck, for instance, creates a large outdoor area. The owner can close off the interior space with watertight sliding doors. The main lounge also has sides that open to join the outdoor swimming pool area. It's an al fresco experience unmatched by any yacht.

Feadship included an underwater lounge in Savannah that offers a view of the surrounding ocean. Now that she has launched, the owner and his guests can use the lounge to view all manner of fish and other sea creatures as they explore the world in comfort.

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