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2012 UIM Environmental Award for Superyacht SL 94 by Sanlorenzo Spa

UIM Environmental Award Winner Superyacht SANLORENZO sl94 Navis Luxury Yacht Magazine
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The Union Internationale Motonautique, or UIM for short, launched the UIM Environmental Award as a way of inspiring and recognizing high quality in innovation, development and application of technologies which are environmentally friendly. The 2012 edition had a winner and three special mentions and the trophies were given at the annual UIM Awards Giving Gala on Saturday, February 23rd 2013 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel in Monaco with the attendance of an international crowd of 400 VIP guests from 25 different countries to honor over 70 World Champions of Powerboat racing.



Sanlorenzo shipyard has been a leader in the production of tailor-made motor superyachts since 1958. The Sanlorenzo SL94 luxury yacht, which was the entry for the 2012 Environmental Award Edition, is the Yard's most ecological model as regards water and environmental protection. The SL94 combines elegance, balanced volumes and just the proper ratio between covered and open spaces with eco-friendly systems. The UIM emphasized the electronic probes used to monitor and prevent oil spillage and the electric actuators used to avoid hydraulic oil leakage from the steering systems. An IMO approved plant carries out the on board sewage treatment and the wheelhouse monitors fuel usage and tank levels for the main engines and the gensets continually. Among other key points are the optimization of the climatization plant and the low energy lighting system. Also, the mega yacht SL94 is produced with fiberglass structures characterized by a low-emissions manufacturing process.

Massimo Perotti, Chairman of Sanlorenzo Spa, had some words to share regarding this accomplishment: "We are very glad for the 2012 Environmental Award and we thank UIM very much for this important International recognition. Sanlorenzo has always put effort in building timeless and yet innovative motoryachts. Our SL94 hull is an innovative yacht that gets you used to the beauty without exaggerations, to the plain elegance applied in a hull of 28,60 meters. But at the same time it is rich of innovations, especially regarding the environmentally aware systems which even exceed the requirements of RINA's Green Star".

Special Mention for "ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY" to:

P1 Management Ltd - Powerboat P1 Environmental Film

Special Mention for "ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT" to:

VSY Viareggio Superyachts

Special Mention for "INNOVATION" to:

Volvo Penta Corporation

Volvo Penta IPS system

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