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The first of the new 50 metre aluminium semi-displacement series from Heesen, Satori is the ultimate combination of performance and efficiency. A precisely calculated Heesen hull means that less power is required to achieve a given speed – and less power means less fuel used. This makes Satori not only…
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Build from a carbon fiber composite/vinylester resin with a balsa core and a carbon mast and boom, the Hamilton II can sail in just about any weather condition. The ship's light weight means that her upwind sail area of 560 square meters offers more than enough power. Learn more by…
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Solemates, a 200-foot yacht by Glade Johnson Design, embodies the very ethos of sophistication. The contemporary designs used in the interior and exterior spaces manage to maintain a modern sense of aesthetics while simultaneously remaining warm and tranquil. Careful attention was paid to the types of woods and fabrics used throughout…
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The CNB 100 is an extraordinary yacht built to withstand heavy seas and the Bay of Saint Tropez without sacrificing the contemporary style that most people find alluring in yachts. The vessel has elongated lines, spacious roofs, a voluminous cockpit, and unique glass panels that emphasize the beauty of its…
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Scheherazade immediately stands out because she is made entirely of wood. That is an aesthetic and engineering challenge that few of today's designer would dare undertake. By remaining true to this traditional building material instead of relying on artificial materials, though, Bruce King found that he could create a yacht…
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With more than 200 sales around the world, the 62 is one of the most popular yachts amongst discerning customers looking for a unique experience on the water. With the improvements made in the 64 model, Azimut expects to exceed these sales. That's because Azimut 64 excels in areas such…
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Blue Eyes offers luxury that will outshine just about any place you have ever visited. That doesn't mean that the designers forget to include plenty of power in the yacht, though. This vessel can cruise at 14 knots or reach a maximum speed of 15 knots. With these accommodations, you…
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INDIO is designed to offer experienced and passionate navigators all the features required for a round the-world highperformance cruiser, capable of comfortably accommodating your family, including young children. The design of Wally 100 offers large volumes without compromising performance, with spacious social areas both on and below the deck, improving…
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The impressive ketch Mondango was crowned with another groundbreaking achievement by Alloy: an exotic curved glass window in the aft cockpit, which just by pushing a button, displays or conceals the immensity behind the sweep of glass. An unprecedented circular design, created by the brilliant minds of Dubois Naval Architects,…
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The new Allogante, keeps the most successful characteristics of her predecessors and benefits from the latest advances in nautical technology. One of these advances are the Caterpillar C32 engines, whose combination with twin propellers represents a much more efficient formula than that of the Caterpillar 3412 engine, used in previous…
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With her accurate shapes designed by Javier Soto Acebal, and her interior decorations by Foster & Partners, this new sea animal has become the maximum expression of contemporary naval architecture. Embracing minimalism, this sparkling sculpture, with her high gunwales open to the sky, shows the purity of her hull lines…
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The sports design of this 26-meter yacht has evolved from its preceding models, the 63 Vertigo and 68 Ego. Intended for long cruises and daytime trips, the Domino has numerous recreation areas, both in the bow and the stern, as well as in the bridge. This pleasurable triangle-shaped yacht looks…
Published in Superyacht of the day
Fidelis combines the fine craftsmanship that every yacht owner craves with modern aesthetics that make it stand out as something truly exceptional. The design from Perini Navi emphasizes large space, making it the perfect yacht for sunny days. Whether enjoying the deck or spending time in the comfortable living areas,…
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Protesksan-Turquoise designed the Jazz Jr. to offer a superb blend of comfort and agility. The Jazz Jr. is built to compete in the world's most strenuous yachting competitions. That means it has the power, agility, and speed that make it thrilling to experience. If guests want to spend time on…
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Heesen has broken new technical and aesthetic ground with its Quinta Essentia yacht. One glance at this impressive 55-metre boat shows that its unconventional aesthetics separate it from all other yachts. Spending time on the vessel only offers more proof that the Quinta Essentia offers a unique experience that makes other…
Published in Superyacht of the day
Wally has taken another leap forward with its 148 Saudade, a traditional blue-water yacht that offers excellent performance and maneuverability. Saudade was built without any compromises so that it could travel around the world without jeopardizing comfort or safety. Learn more by reading Navis Luxury Yachts' featured article, here.
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The 70-meter Numptia stands out as one of the most impressive Italian superyachts on the water. Created through a partnership between Rossinavi Shipyard, which built and designed the engineering elements; Axis Group Yacht Design, which created the naval architecture designs; Design Studio Spadolini, which handled the exterior design; and Salvagnii…
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The Sunseeker Predator 130 combines the latest in engineering and computer technology to offer a simple approach to yachting. The computerized management system has touch screen monitoring and controls that make it easy to use in any weather condition. The V-shaped hull also adds to its nimble agility on the…
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Melek, the ninth yacht in the 56-meter series of Perini Navi, never looks back. Far away from her first version in 2003 (Burrasca), the shipyard has succeeded in crowning the evolution of this model with an authentic "ketch sapiens." Apparently, the ninth time is the charm. From an aerial view,…
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The Sunreef 114's engineering and aesthetic prowess helps it stand out from other superyachts. This vessel can comfortably accommodate eight guests and up to six crew members. Sunreef also invested time developing an innovative design that allows it to perform as one of the best sailing yachts in the world.…