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New Vulcan Line From Vicem Yachts

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In 2008 Vicem Yachts embarked on a development program for the new Vulcan Line of mega-yachtsover 100’/30 meters with the sole resources of internal capital financing.Vicem is undertaking an important business expansion plan and is enlarging its horizons beyondmahogany construction into high-tech composite construction with three new sleek, fast yachts,including a 46m/151’ , 35m/118’ and 32m/105’ for its Vulcan Line. All three yachts will be launchedbetween 2011 and 2012.

In order to continue with speeds in the 20 plus knots range and keep draft as shallow as possible forUSA/Bahamas operation, Vicem decided on Cored Fiberglass construction for this series. The first stepwas joining forces with Dutch naval architect/designer Frank Mulder who has designed many well knownfast mega-yachts worldwide. To utilize the state of the art in fiberglass yacht construction, Mulderspecified Core-Cell and Epoxy resin for the entire structure. Core-Cell has the best characteristics ofany core material for “off gassing”, insuring a finished hull and superstructure that can be painted in anycolor. The hull and superstructure are also post-cured with large heat blankets after lamination,ensuring a fair and smooth appearance with any color.

The Vulcan Line yachts are built in a state-of-the-art facility in Antalya, Turkey. Composite materials, applied with resin and sandwich techniques, are chosen to achieve the best possible strength-toweightratios. All Vicem plants are clean, pleasant factories without unhealthy vapors that exist in other yachtbuilding factories that use cheaper polyester resins that are loaded with unhealthy styrene. Even theVicem Classic and Cruiser lines utilize the more expensive and sophisticated epoxy resins in construction. Integral tank construction was also introduced with the new Vulcan series, which provides more internalroom for accommodations and the ability to carry more fuel for oceangoing trips at lower speed. FrankMulder designed fast hulls for this Vicem Vulcan series with a fine entry for rough sea conditions that arealso very fuel efficient at slow displacement speeds. RINA certification was always available on Vicem Yachts.

On the Vulcan series RINA and MCA are part of the project, which brings Vicem to a new levelfor offshore cruising and chartering.“We want a reputation as a builder of light, beautiful and fast hulls” says Sebahattin Hafizoglu,Vicem Yachts Founder - Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Vicem is entering the super-yachtsegment with serious ambitions and with no compromise/highest quality building materials andtechnologies that compare favorably to Northern Europe Shipyards.” The 46-metre super-yacht has involved Dutch naval architect Frank Mulder and noted interior design firm Art-Line Interiors. “On a boatthis size, with such high expectations of performance, the choice of the ‘right’ naval architect was an important one.

Nobody has as rich an expertise as Frank Mulder does,” says Hafizoglu. Vicem are sopleased with Mulder’s work that we are also building a 32-metre and a 35-metre to his designs.” - “FrankMulder, known for high-speed yacht hulls like Octopussy, Moonraker and The World Is Not Enough,designed the new Vicem Viulcan super-yacht outline, mandating the lightest and most advanced materials.The yachts will be launched in 2011 - 2012.

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