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The Volvo Ocean Race: The world's toughest ocean race

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The audience is eager to receive the new edition of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15.
On October 11th this thrilling and exciting experience where you can get in touch with the real yachting life, will take place in the toughest race around the world starting in Alicante, Spain and touring through the Atlantic Ocean.


Seven teams, 66 sailors and 18 nationalities will be a part of the already known race around the world, where they will be sailing 39,000 miles around the world and competing for the first place. This time will include an all-female crew for the first time that has great expectations.
The first leg will take the fleet out into the North Atlantic, south across the Equator and into the South Atlantic, on into Cape Town 6500 miles away.

Large crowds are expected in all ports, including the family and friends of the crews where sailors must say goodbye and departure to the Strait of Gibraltar and out into the Atlantic.

Lots of interactive and multimedia entertainment will be available for their families and the spectators. Also in-port races are going to take place in this event, as well as concerts and celebrities appearances to complete a real Volvo Ocean Experience.

You can get to see the yachts, the crew and more in real action and even if you are lucky enough, be a part of it.

NAVIS Luxury Yachts will provide you with the latest information in our web page or you may even follow the live coverage in it.

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