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Past Perini Cups: years 2004 and 2006

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In 2004, Perini Navi organized the first edition of the Perini Cup which took place from the 8th to the 11th of July. During those four intense days, sixteen exclusive Perini Navi vessels from 36 to 56 meters in length competed in both sporting and recreational sailboat racing competitions. This first regatta took place in the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo and Cala di Volpe, in Sardinia.

The Yacht Club Porto Redondo is located in a splendid, elegant area with easy beach access. The hotel and yacht club offers the best in sophistication and luxury, with comfortable and cozy rooms right in the marina. This location was the perfect one not only because of its incomparable beauty but also because it was capable of offering all the necessary infrastructures and connection for such important and grand event. The Perini Cup is named after the renowned and famous shipyard in Viareggio and presided over by the Yacht Club Italiano and the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo.

During the first edition in 2004, some of the participants of the Perini Navi Cup were the following: 43m Ohana, 46m Tamsen, 46m Klosters formerly Sunrise, 34m Heritage, 40m Principessa Vaivia, 40m Lady Lauren, 43m Paz, 56m Santa Maria, 47m Andromeda La Dea, 56m Burrasca, 53m Atmosphere, 48m Corelia and 50m Perseus. The winner of this edition was the 40-meter Principessa Vaivia who won not only the prestigious cup but also obtained a Bulgari Diagono Scuba watch. In second place came the 43-meter Paz, followed by the 56-meter Burrasca. A prize for the Ferrari Spumante "best cocktail contest" was also awarded and the winner was the chef of the Perini 53m Atmosphere.

The first day of the sailboat racing regatta was cancelled due to weather safety reasons. In order to make up for that day, a two tiered classification was organized: Group A, boats that were shorter in length than 46 meters; and Group B, boats over 46 meters long.

Social events are also an important part of Perini Navi Cups. An extraordinary ceremony awaited at the hotel Cala di Volpe to award the regatta of the day and the match race (won by the team of Andromeda La Dea) held the previous day aboard a special collection of Bénéteau 25's. Clarissa Burt, a television celebrity, was present at the gala award ceremony, and assisted by representatives of the sponsors Credit Suisse, Bulgari, Loro Piana and Bentley Roma, crowned Principessa Vaivia as the over-all winner of the Perini Cup 2004.

Perini cup 2004 and 2006Two years later, in 2006, the second edition of the Perini Cup was held once more in the beautiful waters of the seaside village Porto Rotondo, in Sardinia. The sailboat racing regatta, which is totally dedicated to Perini Navi yachts, had an extremely competitive spirit were fourteen sailing yachts, varying in size from 33 to 88 meters, challenged each other in the Mediterranean Sea. The competition took place from September 7th to September 10th.

The participants of the second edition of the Perini Cup 2006, were: The Maltese Falcon, Klosters, Parsifall III, Squall, Paz, Heritage, Santa Maria, Antara, Gitana, Perseus, Heritage M, Principessa Vaivia, Is a Rose, and Felicita West. There was a great expectation towards the newest yachts in the Perini fleet, the 88m Maltese Falcon and the 45m Heritage sloop. However, the Maltese Falcon exceeded those expectations and came out in first place. Closely behind, in second place, was the 52m ketch Squall.

DOYLE Sailmakers had sponsored the Perini Cup held in 2004 and also sponsored the competition in 2006. DOYLE Sailmakers has a strong relationship with Perini Navi because they have engineered the sails for the Maltese Falcon, Felicita West, Morning Glory, Perseus and Andromeda La Dea, amongst many others.

During this second edition, the weather was excellent and the conditions for the race to be held as the schedule marked were perfect. The wind never exceeded 10 knots and the average wind speed was about six knots. The Maltese Falcon was the legitimate winner of the Perini Cup 2006.

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