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Perini Cup 2013: Superyacht Silencio takes the Cup home

Perini Cup 2013: Superyacht Silencio takes the Cup home Perini Navi
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The 5th edition of the world class Sailboat Racing event, the Perini Cup 2013, took place in Porto Cervo this past week from the 28th to the 31st of August in close collaboration with the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. The beautiful coast of Sardinia, Italy, witnessed a one-of-a-kind regatta with an impressive fleet of 15 Perini Navi vessels which raced through the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea and towards the honor of becoming the winner of the Perini Cup 2013.

Among the participants was Superyacht Corelia, a very special vessel and the oldest of the fleet with 20 years cruising the waters with her faithful Owner. Superyacht Tamsen turned heads at the press conference when it was announced that she would carry a crew of 60 people. Another special participant was the gorgeous Maltese Falcon, winner of the previous two editions of the Perini Cup.

perini cup 2013 winner silencioOn the 29th, the start of the race was delayed for two hours due to the lack of wind. SY Silencio, of 5 Star Sailing, achieved a premonitory first place on the first race, with Gerhard Andlinger's SY P2 achieving second place and SY Tamsen arriving third.

Friday the 30th was uneventful in terms of sailboat racing. The weather did not accompany the fleet at all and the superyachts were unable to complete the second race.

Saturday the 31st was a whole different thing altogether. The boats raced fiercely and completed the 2nd race without a hitch. Once again, SY Silencio arrived first, with P2 and Parsifal IV following closely behind.

The final results were available shortly after the final race. 50m Silencio was the unmistakable winner, 38m P2 was awarded the second place and 56m Parsifal IV received third place. The award ceremony took place in the Piazza Azzurra, followed by a party for all the participants.

The Owner of the winning superyacht Silencio was all smiles at the prizing ceremony: "We've got an amazing crew, an amazing spirit on board, thanks to the captain and the tactician Dawn Riley and all the crew we did a great job, but above all we had a lot of fun. Six months ago we had never raced and we were unlucky at the Bucket but now you are going to start hearing more about Silencio. This is the start of a love story between the Cup and us! I'm very proud of the crew."

P2's owner seemed very pleased with the performance of his boat: "It was a well-run and enjoyable regatta and I certainly appreciate Perini Navi's innovative spirit in building a fast, competitive boat."

Many awards were given out during the final ceremony. The following participants received well-deserved awards:

  • ·YCCS Trophy for top-placed YCCS Member: XNoi
  • ·The Pommery Award for Fair Play: The Maltese Falcon
  • ·Moncler Trophies – First Day Race: 1 Silencio – 2° P2 – 3° Tamsen
  • ·Axa Trophies – Spirit of the Cup: 1° Heritage – 2° Tamsen – 3° Zenji
  • ·Vhernier Trophies – Third Day Race: 1° Silencio – 2° Zenji – 3° Parsifal IV
  • ·Vhernier Awards – Vhernier Cocktail Contest: Heritage – Helios – Panthalassa

Perini Cup 2013

The sailboat racing event was an undisputed success, participants, crew members, spectators and organizers alike were extremely pleased with the outcome of many months of preparation and expectations.

"We are delighted to be here with you to celebrate the conclusion of the fifth Perini Navi Cup," commented Giancarlo Ragnetti, CEO of Perini Navi, "which this year coincides with our 30th anniversary. I can think of no better way to celebrate a moment that reminds us all how our brand has grown over the years. Our thanks go to the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, all the owners, the crews and sponsors and all of the people who worked to make the event a success. Special thanks must go to Fabio Perini who made all of this possible."

Two years from now will see the return of the Perini Navi fleet for the 6th edition of the Perini Cup. Navis will be there to cover the event and bring you exclusive news, pictures, videos and information on the sailboat racing regatta.


The participating yachts were:

The SY SilencioThe SY Silencio

The SY HeritageThe SY Heritage

SY AntaraThe SY Antara

SY CoreliaThe SY Corelia

The SY Malthese FalconThe SY Malthese Falcon

The SY P2The SY P2

The SY ZenjiThe SY Zenji

The SY Jasali IIThe SY Jasali II

The SY XnoiThe SY Xnoi

The SY Northern SpiritThe SY Northern Spirit

The SY HeliosThe SY Helios


The SY TamsenThe SY Tamsen

SY PanthaleesaThe SY Panthaleesa


The The SY Parsifal IVThe SY Parsifal IV


The SY Percifal IIIThe SY Parsifal III

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