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The Embracing Hope, the symbol of the most cherished value

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In selfies times, where major technological improvements, Facebook and Twitter seem to eat it all, not everything is virtual and commercial frivolity. At Harry Winston's, one of the leading jewellery brands at the world summit, there's a sparkling place for the hope of those that massive world globalisation has left behind.

The Harry Winston Hope Foundation, Inc. it's the entity through which this 83 years old company supports charitable causes in the local communities where is present. Following its main principle of inspiring hope & changing lives through education, Winston's Hope Foundation advocates to economically support charitable causes, programmes and organisations that intend to bring closer quality education to empower disadvantaged or disabled youth, as well as to provide a better and healthier future where the equal opportunity rules.

This social working tradition comes from long ago at Winston's house. From the very beginning, Mr. Harry Winston itself showed that social conscience was an important task to work for at his company, and made it one of the principal values behind his work. The legendary Court of Jewels, a touring gem museum where the most impressive winston's jewels were exhibited, went through the main american cities raising money to help the needy from 1949 till 1953. The Hope Diamond, a 45.52-carat stone that once was property of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette, was part of this amazing travelling collection. As well as today, at those times this breathtaking gem captivated the eye of whomever watched it, and at 1958 Winston donated it to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. in order to be exposed and visited by the whole world. Among three different settings designed for this astounding rock called Hope, at 2010 Winston chose the "Embracing Hope" setting to celebrate the donation anniversary, a three diamond strings necklace that embraces the hope diamond in the middle. As if saying that hope needs to be embraced more than ever in this new age of humanity where everything seems to evolve so fast, Winston chose this setting to be the new icon of this legend. May be, the shiniest message ever.

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