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Rolls-Royce Reveals Design Sketch for Latest Bespoke Project

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Rolls-Royce has released a design sketch for the newest concept car in its Bespoke Watershed Collection. Drawing inspiration from Britain's history of nautical innovation, Rolls-Royce creates each 35 Phantom Drophead Coupe in this collection to reach the company's highest aspirations.

Rolls-Royce has played a key role in Britain's naval history. The company's engines have proven effective at making boats move swiftly through the water. In fact, Rolls-Royce helped Britain reclaim its title as the fastest nation on water.


In 1937, Great Britain and the United States were locked in fierce competition over their naval superiority. The United States had pulled ahead of Great Britain, which certainly came as a shock to a country that once ruled the world's oceans.

On September 1st, Sir Malcolm Campbell put Great Britain ahead, once more, by breaking a record held by the Americans for five years. Sir Campbell took a Bluebird K3 hydroplane boat with a Rolls-Royce R-motor up to 126.5 mph. The next day, he beat his own record by reaching 129.5 mph.

The Bespoke Project attempts to embody that achievement by creating some of the world's most beautiful, powerful cars. Rolls-Royce constantly pushes itself with these limited projects. While the average driver will never see one of these concept cars, the lessons learned while developing them could change the way car manufacturers look at current designs.

According to the latest sketches of the 35 Phantom Drophead Coupe, Rolls-Royce will soon have another success that highlights the company's innovative nature.

Last modified on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 20:57