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Panerai Chronographs - Luminor Regatta

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"A simple gesture to stop time, to turn it backwards and to start it again"

Now-a-days everyone knows the importance of measurement of time in the world of the Navy, and finally there is an instrument to facilitate navigation: The Panerai Chronographs Collection. These make one of men's long-lasted wishes come true, the ability to control time. As the name itself states, chronograph is the combination of two Greek words: chrónos, time, and gráphein, to write; literally "to write time". Officine Panerai is searching for the best solutions for this issue, so navigation comes easier. A first attempt was in 1943 with the innovative creation of the "Mare Nostrum", a watch especially design for deck officers, but this was an extremely rare piece of jewelry, since only two or three pieces were produced. Now, eager to continue with tradition, Officine Panerai launches the collection of high-range chronographs which are, as the brand perfectly tells us "a simple gesture to stop time, to turn it backwards and to start it again".

These come with different practical and innovative functions. One of its main characteristic is the chronograph flyback and the regatta countdown functions. As well this collection comes with monopulsante functions, such as a long power reserve of eight days and the essential characteristic of having a single push-piece which makes the chronograph function quicker and still doesn't affect the elegant and beautiful aesthetic of the watch. It also comes with a rattrapante, or split-seconds function, which enables the measurement of two simultaneous events.

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words, but with the video below words become obsolete; there's no better way to describe the magnitude of this unique jewel:

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