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Royal Huisman 49m Superyacht Kamaxitha

Royal Huisman Superyacht Kamaxitha Royal Huisman Superyacht Kamaxitha
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When experienced yachtsmen commission new vessels, they often want to combine traditional and contemporary features in unique ways. As the design process continues, though, many of them emphasis contemporary aesthetics that can make the yacht look relatively tame by the time it reaches production.

Kamaxitha is not that type of sailing yacht. When designing her, each team took its mission seriously. This has resulted in one of the most attractive and technological sailing yachts exploring the world today.

A Traditional Aesthetic Unlike Any Other

The interior and exterior of Kamaxitha draw on traditional aesthetics that one might seen in yachts built over 100 years ago.

Inside, Kamaxitha makes use of natural woods that seem to radiate their own light. When creating the interior, the team from Rhoades Young chose to use an abundance of mahogany. This makes the interior look like it was built before the development of modern materials. Those materials, of course, are there, making Kamaxitha a lightweight, high-performance yacht. But they have been disguised for a traditional look.

The dining room is a perfect example of how Rhoades Young used woods and colors to make an interior space that looks much older than it is. Its rich beauty would fit the aesthetics of the 20th century's most exclusive hotels and clubs. Even the details look like they were repurposed from an older yacht. Gentle curves emphasize areas where the owner hangs his favorite works of art. Built-in wood drawers and shelves create spaces suitable for rare artifacts as well as the games, blankets, and other items guests might want to take on the journey.

The bar is another example of how Rhoads Young managed to evoke an older appreciation for material and design. The use of mahogany, leather upholstery, and brass make it look like an upscale saloon from the Old West. Sitting at the bar, one could easily imagine that taking a final drink of whisky before heading out on the dusty trails.

Making the Traditional More Contemporary

While some of the traditional aspects of Kamaxitha's design comes from using techniques of the past, some of them have been updated to offer features that older boats could never accomplish. One of her rooms, for instance, has a fireplace surrounded by comfortable sofas and chairs. A flat-screen television placed over the fireplace makes it a cozy place for relaxation and entertainment.

As all sailors know, fireplaces do not belong on boats. Fire is one of the biggest threats for people sailing far from the shore. Kamaxitha even has a three fire fighting systems to prevent such fire disasters. The fireplace aboard Kamaxitha, however, isn't a threat. It's an illusion that uses water vapor and light to create the image of smoldering coals.

Kamaxitha has other wonderful secrets to share with the owner's guests. Despite her traditional look, she has a state of the art VOIP phone system; a computer system with WiFi, satellite, and GSM Internet access; at least eight pieces of navigation equipment; an Apple iTunes entertainment system; and satellite TV/Radio. Most of these features are hidden behind the scenes or tucked away behind more traditional elements. The TV hanging over the fireplace, for instance, disappears behind a painting when it's not in use.

With so many options, guests will never suffer a moment of boredom.

Staying Aboard Kamaxitha

Kamaxitha has a spacious suite for the owner as well as three cabins for guests and four cabins for the crew. One of the guest cabins is even wheelchair accessible.

The owner's suite, of course, is one of the most remarkable spaces aboard Kamaxitha. His suite includes a double bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, office, and steam cabin. A beautiful rotunda surrounds the mizzen mast as it extends through the yacht. Skylights bring plenty of natural light into the entire space. Whether the owner wants to work, sleep, or enjoy a steam, his suite is properly equiped for luxury.

Guests will spend most of the day socializing in the pilot house. It's a wonderful area with ample seating and natural light. It's a great place for conversing or taking a meal. The Gentlemen's bar is just down a flight of stairs, so guests can also get refreshments when they want them.

Specifications for Kamaxitha

Although built as a sailing yacht, Kamaxitha has an MTU engine for days when the weather doesn't cooperate. The engine generates 600 kW (805 hp) at 1800 rpm. That energy gets sent to a 1,400-mm four blade propeller system with variable pitch. Kamaxitha also has a bow thruster with 103 kW (140 hp) and a stern thruster with 73 kW (100 hp).
Thanks to six fuel tanks with a combined capacity of 18,000 liters (4,755 gallons), Kamaxitha can travel long distances even without its sails. She has a range of 2,700 nm when traveling at 10 knots.

Kamaxitha is a truly original piece of work. Everyone involved clearly poured every bit of their talent into the project. Now, the owner and his lucky guests get to cruise the world in a beautiful sailing yacht that takes its aesthetic cues from tradition while making the most of contemporary technology.

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