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Rossinavi 49m Polaris Superyacht

Rossinavi 49m Polaris Rossinavi 49m Polaris
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Rossinavi brought together a terrific team of designers and engineers to produce the Polaris motor yacht. Contributing team mates came from Arrabito Naval Architects, Team for Design by Enrico Gobbi, and, of course, Rossi Navi. Their combined efforts have resulted in a beautiful yacht that honors the tradition of world exploration while keeping her gaze steadily on the future.

An Aggressive Exterior Style

It's easy to spot Polaris as she approaches a dock. At 49 meters, she's already relatively large compared to many luxury yachts. Even more importantly than her size, though, is the sleekness of her lines. They create a sporty architecture with an aggressive flair.

Polaris even looks bigger than other yachts with the same measurements. By creating a long superstructure with continuous windows embedded throughout, the naval architects created the illusion that Polaris covers more area than she really does.

A windshield that tilts back 45 degrees also makes her more aggressive by evoking the designs used in military vehicles.

Bringing Modern and Contemporary Styles Together

Team for Design by Enrico Gobbi developed several enterprising concepts when working on Polaris. With some input from the owner, the designers knew that they needed to combine some of the best features of modern and contemporary style. Many interior designers have tried this approach before. Few have come as close to perfection as the Polaris team.

Polaris has an interior design that balances light and dark hues without compromising comfort. Much of the furniture in Polaris is made of dark Ebony wood with a high gloss shine. This rich wood has a modern feel evocative of country clubs. To balance this, the designers used Maple wood as accents throughout the ship. This lightly colored wood pushes against the Ebony to create the appearance of expanded rooms. White leather also covers much of the interior, creating large empty spaces for a contemporary feel.

Polished stainless steel, decorative studs, and wall accents further bridges the gap between modern and contemporary.

Smaller design choices work together for significant cumulative effects. Cotton, velvet, and silk materials make each room feel cozy while custom cascade chandeliers offer an opulence that will stop most visitors where they stand.

Polaris was made for people who appreciate the finer points of interior design and architecture. Guests with plenty of yachting experience will recognize that Polaris outshines its peers.

Privacy and Socializing on Polaris

Polaris can accommodate up to 12 guests and 9 crew members. Her large size means that guests can find considerable privacy without separating themselves from the ocean's beauty. It also means that the owner and his guests have plenty of spaces to socialize.

Guests seeking privacy will want to find the large lounge-sun area. The architects installed this lounge area between the superstructure's two forward muscles. These act like walls that protect the area without obstructing a panoramic view of the surrounding water. It's the perfect place for guests who want to meditate on the ocean's vastness, or settle in for private conversation.

The fly deck also has a spot for private relaxation. The fly deck is protected by narrow arches with large glass inserts. It also has a 3.5-meter scenic pool complete with a waterfall and glass mosaic tiles. Team wood and stainless steel make this an attractive exterior area where guests can relax alone or congregate in small groups.

Polaris also has spaces designed for socializing at parties. Each guest is greeted by an impressively sized lobby with original artwork adorning the walls.
Her saloon features expansive floors with abundant couches, chairs, and tables. Connected to the saloon is a formal dining room with enough seating for all guests. Keeping these two rooms connected makes it easy for guests to move from one space to another at the owner's pleasure.

Polaris Specifications

Rossinavi brought together some of its best designers to make sure Polaris exceeded all performance expectations. She has two main engines built by MTU. These engines can each generate 2,580 kw (3,460 hp) at 2,100 rpm. That's enough power for the 49-meter yacht to reach a maximum speed of 24 knots. Her cruising speed at half load is 19 knots. Polaris seems to have an eager need to reach her next destination.

When kept to 10 knots, Polaris has a range of about 3,800 miles. That's greater than the distance between Washington, DC and London. In other words, the owner and his guests get to travel large areas of the world without any difficult. They face few restrictions, so they are free to explore.

Polaris is an excellent example of what shipbuilders can accomplish when they bring the right experts together to coordinate their efforts as a team. She has an aggressive exterior, but an interior that's as comfortable as can be.

She has the heavy, dark color of modernist designs, but the light, playful colors that contemporary designers prefer.

She's a yacht for socializing and private reflection.
True to her name, she's the brightest star shimmering across a dark background.


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