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Perini NAVIS 73m Supreyacht Grace E

Perini Navi - Grace E Perini Navi - Grace E
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Perini Navi has made some of the world's most fabulous yachts since opening in 1983. The Italian shipyard had to tackle new issues when building Grace E to match the owner's specifications. Grace E is the latest motor yacht in the Picchiotti motor yacht line. She is significantly larger than her two sisters: Exuma, which is 50 meters long, and Galileo G, which is 55 meters long. Grace E measures 73 meters long.

Picchiotti and Perini Navi also wanted to push Grace E to new heights of luxury while making her as eco-friendly as possible. The companies pulled their resources and experiences to build one of the most excellent motor yachts traveling the world.

Accommodations for the Owner and His Guests

The owner's grand suite, which is located on the main deck, has 90 square meters of floor space. Interior designers from Picchiotti covered the walls with Sycamore panels that have been bleached and sandblasted so they look as if they have been polished by the wind, sand, and sea. The cabin floor is made from bleached Wenge. Silk carpets offer a warm, soft material that looks as good as it feels. The ceiling includes Sycamore panels and a Palladium leaf pattern with a matte finish.

Guests get to enjoy accommodations in six staterooms. Grace E has two VIP guests cabins located on the Main Deck with the owner's suite. The lower deck has two kid staterooms and two twin berth staterooms. When necessary, the crew can convert the lower deck staterooms into VIP suites.

While each guest cabin has its own design, they share some features. Polished ebony wood creates an attract window frame. Light colors dominate the rooms. Dark wood materials make the light colors even more attractive by creating a mild tension between colors. The cabins look and feel like rooms in a luxury spa. Just walking into one of the VIP cabins can fill guests with a sense of peacefulness.

Recreation and Socializing Aboard Grace E

Grace E has an extensive collection of toys for guests to enjoy. Guests who want to have fun in the surrounding ocean waters may want to use the paddleboards, sea kayaks, SeaDoo wave runners, sea bobs, and full dive equipment available on the yacht. She also has an assortment of towable boards for those who want a dose of adrenaline.

Guests who want to get closer to the shore, or even visit interesting areas on land, can use one of Grace E's four tenders. The 9.5-meter limousine tender from Cockwells has enough room to carry multiple passengers to the shore. A 3.5-meter Avon jet tender is reserved for the owner's use. These and two other tenders are kept under deck in tender bays that keep them protected while offering more usable space aboard the yacht.

Grace E's Wellness deck covers 238 square meters of exterior and interior spaces. The wellness center offers everything guests need to stay in top physical condition or escape the stress of modern life. Guests will find a massage room, fully equipped gymnasium, beauty parlor, and Hydrotherapy room that includes a steam bath, sauna, and cold water plunge. A four-person Jacuzzi gives guests an opportunity to enjoy each other's company while relaxing in warm jets of water.

The Upper Deck also offers an excellent space for socializing. Half of the deck's 170 square meters are located inside while the other half is outside. Inside, guests can relax in the saloon. Outside, they can take advantage of a large deck lounge. The areas are connected by a sliding glass door that can open to make one large space that blurs interior and exterior lines.

The Upper Deck is one of Grace E's primary spots for socializing. The deck has two entertainment screens for guests who want to watch movies. An outside dining table offers a relaxing place to take meals while breathing the ocean's fresh air. A large marble countertop serves as a sushi bar with unique dishes from the chef. A wraparound sun setter and two card tables offer even more options for guests who want to relax while they get to know each other.

Grace E Accommodations for Crewmembers

The owner felt that it was important to extend Grace E's focus on wellness and luxury to crewmembers. In addition to well-appointed quarters, the crew gets to take advantage of a gym and lounge. The crew gym has all of the necessary equipment for members to stay fit, even during long excursions. The lounge offers a relaxing place for the crew to relax, socialize, and take their meals without interrupting guests.

Specifications for Grace E

Since the owner wanted to build a majestic yacht that treats the environment as kindly as it treats guests, designers had to take a unique approach to the engines, generators, and technological features that would let Grace E travel the world without polluting it.

Grace E has two ABB diesel electric motors and six Caterpillar generators that power every system. The yacht uses automated technology to constantly adjust the amount of power created by generators. When energy needs increase, the generators make more power. When needs decrease, the produce less power. This innovative approach helps Grace E conserve fuel and electricity.

Grace E has an 188,000-liter fuel capacity. When traveling at 12 knots, she can cover 7,800 nautical miles without stopping to refuel. Her cruising speed is 14 knots and her maximum speed is 17.5 knots. When traveling at cruising speed, Grace E burns 285 liters of fuel per hour. Considering her size, that's a great achievement.
Grace E's environmental conservation efforts extend beyond fuel efficiency. She also has a system that forces generator exhaust through DCL catalytic converters to remove as many pollutants as possible.

Grace E takes its eco-friendly commitment further by extending it to the kitchen. The Uson food waste collection system includes a trash compactor, a glass imploder, and a bottle shredder. When the owner decides to visit the shore, the kitchen already has processed and sorted recyclables ready for proper disposal.

Grace E combines technology with extreme luxury to give her owners and guests a unique experience as they travel the world. With her focus on wellness, the environment, and comfort, she is truly one of the most advanced, luxurious motor yachts.


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