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Monaco Yacht Show 2014, Full Review

Monaco Yacht Show 2014 Monaco Yacht Show 2014
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This year's edition of the Monaco Yacht Show never stopped surprising us. As the largest event yet, the quantity and quality of the displayed yachts and new projects were outstanding. We left no yacht unseen. We have selected some of the most remarkable yachts presented at the MYS 2014 so you can have a peek at them and feel as you were there yourself.


New Projects is one of the most interesting categories at MYS. It presents today's technological innovations and hints at breakthroughs to come in the near future. Here are some of the vessels that will soon shine at sea.

Vitters Oceanco 85

Vitters Shipyard and Oceanco launched one of their greatest projects, an 85-meter sailing boat that combines outstanding sailing abilities with reliability, state of the art comfort, and luxury. Tripp Design Naval Architecture took care of the exterior design with a clean, high volume superstructure that blurs the boundaries between interior social spaces inside and the outdoor deck areas. Dolker + Voges Studio was in charge of the interior design, with a modern style blending light wood tone and stainless steel details. These associations bring out the best features in both materials and makes this yacht comfortable even at cruising ranges.

There are few yachts this large. Each and every last of them fulfills the greatest expectation of seamen. This luxury yacht doesn't stay behind. It exceeds expectations, making it difficult for other yachts to match its uniqueness.

Royal Huisman

Alice Huisman and Ed Dubois officially revealed their 58m Dubois Sloop, an incredible sailing yacht that can only be described as an edgy, innovative weapon. Dubois Naval Architects and Royal Huisman were in charge of its exterior and overall design. Rick Baker and Tom Morgan were in charge of her interior design. They choose to decorate the interior with beautiful signature furniture pieces made by Francis Sultana. This stunning cruising yacht is more than a pretty face though. It's also a high-performance vessel able to take passengers almost anywhere in the world.

According to Royal Huisman, this nautical beast will be unleash in the spring of 2017.

Heesen Kometa

Heesen presented its largest vessel yet. Kometa is a 70-meter superyacht that has everything you could imagine. Espen Oeino created Kometa's sleek, elegant profile. He worked closely with Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design to accomplish an elegant, classic contemporary design for the interior. Externally, this magnificent yacht has it all, from a 357 square-meters of deck space to a seven-meter swimming pool. The exterior decks offer Jacuzzis, spa space, dining, and even an outdoor cinema. There is no excuse to not have a good time! She can accommodate up to 12 guests in six suites. Heesen has left no detail unattended in the owner's stateroom.

Spaciousness really characterizes this soon-to-be vessel.
Despite its tremendous size, Kometa is a fusion of three different concepts that lets her reach a maximum 30 knots speed, but also let her cruise economically for over 4.000 nautical miles. This means that the technologies of both displacement and semi-displacement hulls will be at use. Therefore, the engineering system will be outstanding, including the revolutionary Fast Displacement Hull Form, a groundbreaking fixed pitch propeller without precedents, and a Rolls Royce central booster jet.

Heesen Yachts paid attention to every detail, producing an extraordinarily complete superyacht. Kometa has already past the initial stages of construction and it is estimated to be delivered in spring 2016.

M/V Yersin

Francois Fiat, Ambassador of La Belle Classe Superyachts, a label created by the Yacht Club de Monaco in 2005 to support owners in their navigation, presented its new project: the M/V Yersin. It's an extraordinary vessel named after the Doctor Alexander Yersin.

M/V Yersin is being built by the Piriou Shipyard in France. This 77-meter vessel, with a capacity for 20 passengers and 20 crew, is intended to navigate in any conditions, including ice exploration. What is so distinctive and impressive of this soon-to-be investigation vessel is its advanced, eco-friendly technology, which goes in hand with the values preached by La Belle Classe. Among other innovative features, we can affirm that this one-of-a-kind ship has an autonomy of 12.000 nautical miles and avoids any exterior or interior pollutants. She will even have space to accommodate an airplane on board.

M/V Yersin has a fundamental role in spreading this green vision and promoting environment protection. This ship is aimed to achieve an A.S.E project: Adventure – Science – Education, three fundamental pillars of global improvement.

The M/V Yersin truly meets the expectations stated in its logo "Leave an imprint without leaving a trace.

Tankoa S 801- 80mt

Tankoa unveiled the designs of several projects. One of them is the amazing Tankoa S 801. which combines breathtaking elegance with an exclusive quality. This project is inspired by Amerigo Vespucci an the Italian Navy's tall ship of 80 meters launched in 1931.
Francesco Paszkowski designed this impressive, rather unknown luxury yacht that will astonish many people as the deck makes them feel that they are floating, suspended between the sea and the sky.

Her wide body and harmoniously balanced deck allow you to enjoy her outside and inside as one. It helps you experience a pure laid-back cruise in complete symbiosis with the environment.

Tankoa flaunts the beauty of this 80-meter ship, and their slogan reflects their work philosophy: Exploring beauty, we found harmony.

The Tankoa S 801 is a tribute to the beauty and fascination of a timeless masterpiece.



This year over 100 super and mega yachts were presented at Monaco. Below is an elite selection of some of the most distinguished yachts you cannot miss!

Feadship – Como

Como, a 46.22 m motor yacht, is characterized by novelty and originality. Feadship is known for its innovative use of glass in yachts superstructure. Such is the case of Venus and Hampshire II. But Como has taken this to another level, pushing boundaries and giving glass design a new meaning. What truly distinguishes Como is its unprecedented use of glass panels all the way round the yacht. The use of such giant glass structures with so many curves is an effort one cannot pass. The Feadship engineering and design team managed to place the superstructure glass on top of the metal and therefore create a continuous surface.

In charge of the exterior design was Dubois Naval Architects. At first sight, you can appreciate the impact such an important design team has on sailing world. On the other hand, interior designers Redman Whiteley Dixon managed to achieve a masculine, yet calming, ambience. Externally and internally, the attention to details is outstanding. Perfect craftsmanship can be seen, for instance, in her exterior metallic paint.

Como is a perfect example of how an excellent team can bring together bespoke design, innovation, thriving aesthetics, and state of the art engineering. She truly stretches the physical limitations of glass and still maintains a sleek exterior and a classic interior design so the owner feels at home.

Perini Navi - Perseus3

Perini Navi made itself present at the MYS 2014 with the presentation of two incredible vessels. One of these is the Perseus3, the second yacht in their new generation 60m series. Among other innovative and distinctive features, we can find the new generation of Perini Navi captive winches and furlers, and a twin rudder control system that facilitates handling and control. On a different level, Perseus3 is equipped with a carbon bowsprit. Another attractive, fascinating feature of this masterpiece is its 75-meter carbon fiber mast and carbon fiber standing rigging provided by Doyle. This outstanding mast stands among the three tallest rigs ever built, worldwide.

This sailing yacht has accommodations for up to twelve guests in luxurious cabins. Each cabin is classically designed and decorated. They also give guests access to all the entertainment systems they could hope for to make a stay at sea as comfortable as possible.

Perini Navi Group, in collaboration with Ron Holland in the naval architecture department, have truly outdone themselves this time. Perseus3 is the perfect statement of innovation and demonstrates Perini's capacity to think outside the box.

Perini Navi - Grace E

Perini entertained the guests of the Monaco Yacht Show 2014 with their new jewel of the mega yacht industry, MY Grace E. The Flagship of the Picchiotti motor yacht line, this 73-meter motor yacht was designed by Philippe Briand, who made of Grace E and envelope of comfort, quality and eco-performance.

The interior of the Grace E is highly refined with masterful use of material selection. The excellent surface treatment and great lighting were part of Remi Tessier's job, resulting in a state of the art interior. It provides a contemporary but still warm look. The natural lighting allows one to fully acknowledge the beauty inside this amazing vessel. The assiduous use of space creates a layout that is extremely functional yet supremely elegant with finishes of leather, stainless steel and high gloss ebony.

With a 188,000-liter fuel tank, the Grace E can cruise all around the world without refueling. She has a top displacement speed of 17.5 knots and she can cruise economically a range of 7800 nm at 12 knots.

Powered by four Caterpillar C32 and two C18 generators, her diesel-electric power plant is capable of providing 4400 kw of power while remaining eco-friendly. Grace E's generators always operate within the optimally efficient load range regardless of speed or hotel requirements. Its technology will keep the environment clean for future generations.

This superyacht sets a new paradigm in terms of sensory experience aboard a large motor yacht. She is utterly silent and motion free. Grace E is in harmony with the elements both in form and function. She surpassed every test.

Lurssen - Solandge

The shipbuilding company Lurssen was present at the Monaco Yacht Show 2014, where it successfully introduce to threir guests MY Solandge, an 85.10 m mega yacht with a 13.80 m beam. This luxury yacht represents the most modern high-end luxury cruise.

The extraordinary team that made this wonderful task possible consists of Richard Masters, project manager; Espen Oeino, in charge of exterior designs; and Aileen Rodriguez, responsible for the interior design.
The exterior design has harmonious and amusing proportions that follow the owner's requirements. Her dark blue hull maintains shiny, elegant lines. The six-meter pool and the great outdoor spaces are specially design for socializing. It lets the owner spend some quality time with friends.

Aileen Rodriguez was responsible for the interior design of the Solandge. She gave this luxury yacht classical touches with a contemporary backdrop. The main salon turns into a magical place with a piano that gives a touch of elegance and provides entertainment. The lobby holds an original masterpiece called "The Tree of Life," a lighted sculpture that stretches 50 feet high and has over 1200 points of light.

The amazing teamwork of these people result in unmatchable beauty. We are sure Solandge won't face any difficulties finding a place among her peers and becoming a remarkable statement on large yacht construction.

Rossinavi - Polaris

Rossinavi always presents a luxury experience, especially in its yachts. This year, Rossinavi presented Polaris, a great luxury yacht of 49 meters that we expect will fascinate even those who don't care about yachts.
The interior has open spaces so the owners may socialize with their guests, and big wide windows so they can enjoy the surrounding sea. The light colors blend with furniture made of natural materials, such as dark glossy ebony wood with glass and stainless steel details. This creates a modern, but classic, styling that allows everyone to feel comfortable and gives the yacht a well-defined personality.

The owner's cabin is particularly luxurious, with full height windows offering a spectacular panoramic view as well as an abundance of natural light. The guest's cabins can accommodate 10 guests in four beautiful staterooms.
The exterior of Polaris is characterized by a modern and aggressive styling presenting exclusive details that give the vessel a refined and elegant appearance, allowing class, style, and strength to come together in harmony within a single design.

The external features include a large sun deck-lounge area built between two forward sides of the superstructure in the bows, guaranteeing maximum privacy and magnificent views.

This luxury yacht reinforces Rossinavi's slogan "The luxury experience"

Benetti - Illusion V

Benetti launched their latest model in the Monaco Yacht Show 2014. The Illusion V is a 58-meter design constructed in Benetti Livorno shipyard in collaboration with Green and Mingarelli. She provides entertainment and comfort, all in one luxury yacht that leaves every seaman astonished.

She was originally designed for commercial charter use, so she has abundant space for the owner to enjoy. Four decks plus a sun deck that lets every guest feel comfortable while surrounded by the relaxing sea.
The luminosity penetrates each space, providing an agreeable for this luxury mega yacht. The furnishing and decoration has a dominant pink theme with a particular combination of materials that work together to create a sophisticated look that maintains Benetti's style reputation.

Propulsion is provided by a twin CAT 3512C motors. Its generators are twin CAT C9 Gensets for 200 kw each plus a third CAT C4.4 generator. This allows her to slide beautifully though the sea reaching a 15-knot fast speed and a 12-knot normal one.

This luxury yacht is really one of a kind, blending vanguard decoration, comfort, and technology in an unimaginable way that suits Benetti's worldwide reputation.


As you can see, as the years pass by the Monaco Yacht Show grows in strength. The 2014 edition has left nothing to chance. Every detail has been perfectly coordinated to guarantee total satisfaction for the guests. The level of attention and high quality of the expositions has been really remarkable, as well has the superyachts presented to demonstrate their glow and uniqueness.

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