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Laucala Island - A private island retreat

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Vacationers who prefer traveling to exotic locations don't want to spend their holidays in crowded cities. They typically want the privacy and luxury that comes from an exclusive resort. Laucala Island offers unprecedented services set in a private paradise. It's the ultimate place for experienced travelers who want to relax, enjoy nature's untarnished beauty, and dine on expertly prepared meals.

About Laucala Island

Laucala is a privately owned island that covers 10 square km (four square miles). Once owned by Malcolm Forbes, the publishing magnate, today it is owned by Dietrich Mateschitz, the head of energy drink company Red Bull. Mateschitz and his crew has transformed the island into a destination worthy of the world's most renowned explorers.

Project planners have developed the island resort into a vacation paradise. The resort has 25 bures, which are similar to villas, to limit the number of guests on the island at any given time. Each bure has its own theme, giving guests the opportunity to choose the kind of environments they would like to stay in. Each villa has its own pool and garden as well as private indoor and outdoor spaces.

Services and Activities at Laucala Island

Guests also get the advantage of luxury services, including housekeeping, laundry, dry cleaning, and food and beverage services. Every aspect of the day has been carefully arranged so guests get to enjoy themselves instead of bothering with details. Laucala establishes itself as an escape from daily life. These services help make the fantasy a reality.

In addition to private accommodations and services, Laucala island has a wealth of outdoor activities to keep guests busy. Popular options include golf, horseback riding, and tennis. The island's tranquil waters give guests the perfect locations for diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The Laucala Water Sports Center provides jet skis, sailboats, surfboards, and other equipment. No matter what kind of watersports you prefer, Laucala will help you find exciting ways to enjoy yourself on the water.

Of course, many private island resorts offer similar recreational options. Laucala takes a step outside of the norm by introducing guests to a DeepFlight Super Falcon submarine. This creates a whole new way for you to explore the island's waters. From under the surface, you and your guests can view plantlife, schools of fish, and geographic formations within the safety and comfort of personal submarine.

After enjoying a day full of activities, relax at one of the resort's spas. Few spas can compete with packages offered at Laucala. Visitors get to make their own essential oils for aromatherapy and massages that use scents local to the island. Salon services at the spas include pedicures, manicures, and other options one would expect from a world-class resort. The trained spa staff can offer a wide variety of services to match guest needs. Whether you want a deep tissue massage that releases tension or a scrub that harnesses the healing power of volcanic stones and crystals, Laucala can accommodate your needs.

The Freshest Cuisine at Laucala Island Resort

Laucala has a 240-acre farm where experts raise crops and animals according to organic guidelines. Some of the most valued products from the island include coffee, vanilla, pepper, tea, and a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables.

Produce, meat, and fish harvested from the island supply Laucala restaurants with the freshest, healthiest ingredients.

Executive Chef Anthony Healy has emphasized the importance of foraging, hydroponic farming, and self-sustainability. These core beliefs help him craft remarkable dishes that no other resort offers. Chef Healy tailors each day's menu according to seasonal availability. This ensures that guests only get the finest foods that the island has to offer.

Guests are encouraged to tour the farm and hydroponics while Chef Healy and his team harvest ingredients for the day's meals. If you've never spent much time on a farm, you may find it thrilling to watch ingredients go directly from the ground to the kitchen.

Laucala Island has become one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. With its turquoise waters, excellent cuisine, relaxing activities, and extensive list of services, guests lucky enough to book a villa will feel as if they're living a dream life in paradise.

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